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The imminent danger of paper airplanes and GOP conventions

By Kurt Michael

Sometimes in life we take ourselves too seriously. No one knew this better than President Ronald Reagan who poked fun of himself and others in many of his speeches. Reagan’s humor was never mean-spirited and was a welcomed relief during stressful times. With that said, I appreciate the graphic printed at the bottom of this year’s 2014 Republican State Convention Program.

As the story goes, at last year’s convention in Richmond, many of the delegates were chastised for throwing paper airplanes. They were told that the paper planes, with their sharp noses, could hit the projector screen and cause damage.

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Republican Party of Virginia State Convention this weekend

GOP elephantStar City, here we come! Republicans from throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia — although not as many as usual — will be descending on Roanoke for the next two days for yet another convention to nominate our U.S. Senate candidate.  Word on the street is that as few as 2,500 delegates may be there. From the sounds of people who are unable to make the trip for one reason or another, it may be less than that.

It shouldn’t be the debacle we witnessed at the 2013 convention in Richmond. We hope. Conventions have a way of pulling out some ridiculous resolutions that are popped on delegates who vote without knowing background, facts, or time to research. I would like to present a resolution that says we have no more resolutions at conventions unless every delegate is presented with a copy of said resolution two weeks before the convention. I’ve seen fireworks at these things over resolutions.

We’ll make the most of it and hope that the whole thing wraps up at a decent time on Saturday. LynnRMitchell.com is credentialed with RPV so look for us in the media area and throughout the convention center with camera in hand. We’ll try to live-blog as much as possible (internet service tends to be hit-and-miss at these things), we’ll get photos to share, and generally take in the atmosphere.

See you in Roanoke!

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