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‘No to Virginia GOP convention’ … RTD Correspondent of the Day

Richmond Times Dispatch 1By Lynn R. Mitchell

Augusta County resident Larry Tillett is Friday’s Correspondent of the Day in the Richmond Times-Dispatch writing in favor of a 2016 Presidential PRIMARY (see No to a Virginia GOP convention):

Editor, Times-Dispatch:

I continually read about the Virginia State Central Committee preparing to decide on the issue of a presidential primary or a convention to select the Republican nominee for president.

If it chooses a convention, which only a few voters will attend, it will disenfranchise thousands of Virginia voters. I cannot for the life of me see how this would benefit Virginia voters.

The committee says Democrats could skew the vote because they can vote in a primary. How ridiculous is that? If the Democrats are really intent on upsetting the process, it seems to me that it would be much easier to recruit enough people to sign a meaningless pledge and hop on a bus to a convention than to get enough to upset the vote in the entire state.

The selection of a presidential candidate should fall to the people of Virginia. Virginia will most likely be a crucial battlefield state in 2016 and, if the SCC shuts out the people in the selection of the Republican nominee and the convention selects a person of little appeal to the people, you can kiss Virginia’s electoral votes goodbye.

All this talk about a convention or a primary is simply a way for one group to say we are in charge and we know best. I believe that the people know best and you should let them decide.

The United States is too precious to risk this next election on the selection of a nominee who cannot win. I do not care if you call yourself Republican, tea party, libertarian or what else, you must trust the citizens of Virginia to do what is right for Virginia.

We the people have been ignored long enough; let us have our say.

Lawrence Tillett.


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