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Virginia: Del. Scott Taylor to resubmit cyberbullying bill in 2015 session

Scott Taylor

Del. Scott Taylor

By Lynn R. Mitchell

At a time when bullying has been tackled on other fronts, it’s good to see Virginia Delegate Scott Taylor on the front line battling cyberbullying, an even more insidious form of bullying that has evolved with growing internet use. After his bill failed to pass in 2014, he is resubmitting HB 344 to be considered during the 2015 General Assembly session that begins in January.

According to Taylor’s office, the bill would cover online impersonation where one person claimed to be another person online. The delegate’s office added:
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British Internet trolls may see more jail time

By Lynn R. Mitchell

In England they are proposing to crack down on internet bullying after cases of “hate-filled messages on social media, often threatening their targets … messages sent via social media could be a criminal offence if they contain ‘credible threats of violence’ or target an individual in a way that ‘may constitute harassment or stalking.’ ”

The British government wants to amend two existing laws that currently have six-month jail terms for those convicted of internet bullying and cyber stalking to make it a maximum of three years.

This is the latest as countries struggle to keep up with laws concerning the internet.

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