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Mitt Romney 2016? — UPDATED

By Lynn R. Mitchell

Mitt Romney 26 chart

This graphic has been making the rounds with my Mitt Romney friends. When he appeared in Richmond at Burgers with Bill in June (see photos) — along with Bill Bolling, Ed Gillespie, and Bob McDonnell — Governor Romney was asked over and over by guests and the media if he planned to run (or if he would run) for President in 2016. His response was always a smile followed by, “No.” I got the sense he was being patient and courteous but he truly meant it.

Though he seemed resolved in his response, I’ve been around politicians long enough to know that “no” doesn’t always mean no. One has to wonder if there is a circumstance that would open that door to make Romney run again. Or is this just pie-in-the-sky hopes of longtime supporters?

Here’s another look at the issue from Damon Linker at The Week (see The laughable campaign to get Mitt Romney to run in 2016).

Update: Here’s another very positive look (see The Case for Mitt Romney in 2016 in Politico).

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