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CRs plan to protest Obama administration forcing George Mason to close town hall to public

By Lynn R. Mitchell

George Mason College Republican President Devon Flynn is inviting others to stand with the CRs Thursday night in their protest outside President Barack Obama’s closed, invitation-only town hall meeting at the university, as noted in an article in the Campus Reform:

“This is to tell President Obama to stop playing partisan politics and to actually work together,” Flynn said in regards to the protest. “He says one thing and does the complete opposite.”

The President will be joined by CNN’s Anderson Cooper at the 7:00pm town hall to discuss Obama’s latest push for more gun control.  College Republicans plan to meet at 6:00 at Johnson Center to protest.

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Schoeneman ends fundraising quarter with 85% from small donors

Brian Schoeneman 11 Dave Albo

Brian Schoeneman and Delegate Dave Albo

By Lynn R. Mitchell

Brian Schoeneman’s first quarter fundraising numbers reflect a strong grassroots system with more than 85 percent of contributions from small donors for his Fairfax County Sully supervisor race. Final filing with the State Board of Elections will be April 15 but here are the unofficial results of the period covering January 1 through March 31, 2015, as provided on April 2 by the Schoeneman campaign:

  • 161 unique donors $100 and under
  • 188 unique donors total
  • 85.6% of contributions were of $100 or less
  • Average donation was approximately $46.53
  • Total raised: $26,871.38
  • Cash-on-hand: $12,585.47

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Del. Dave Albo endorses Brian Schoeneman for Fairfax Sully District supervisor


Brian Schoeneman 11 Dave Albo

Brian Schoeneman, Dave Albo

By Lynn R. Mitchell

Brian Schoeneman picked up another big endorsement this week when Delegate Dave Albo endorsed him for Fairfax County Sully District supervisor.

Brian Schoeneman for Sully Supervisor released the following:

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Brian Schoeneman’s big campaign kick-off for Fairfax supervisor

By Deborah Bornstein Munoz
Guest Post

Brian Schoeneman 4Brian Schoeneman kicked off his campaign for Fairfax County Sully District supervisor Tuesday night with a big crowd of supporters at Backyard Grill in Chantilly. Here Brian addresses the crowd while Supervisor Pat Herrity and former school board member Steve Hunt, who have both endorsed him, listen to his remarks. Brian gave an excellent speech about growing business and strengthening the tax base in Sully and, for business owners, it was good to hear he would continue the tradition of a business-friendly board of supervisors since many consider Sully to be the Tysons Corner for site construction products and other industries.

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Kasha Nielsen and Empower CRFV team sweep 2015-16 officer roles


Kasha Nielsen

By Lynn R. Mitchell

Meet the new Executive Board of Officers for the College Republican Federation of Virginia 2015-16:

Chairman: Kasha Nielsen (University of Virginia)

1st Vice Chairman: Devon Flynn (George Mason)


2nd Vice Chairman: Jake Lee (James Madison University)

Secretary: Nathan Ritchie (College of William and Mary)

Treasurer: Kim Gibbons (Va Tech)

Led by UVa junior Kasha Nielsen who won with a vote of 99-17, the entire CRFV team swept the election during their annual convention this weekend on the University of Virginia campus in Charlottesville. After months of hard work along with outgoing CR Chair Liz Minneman (UVa Class of 2014) and crisscrossing the Commonwealth visiting college campuses, they earned the endorsements of most CR chairs as well as YRs, activists, and elected officials.

The team campaigned under the banner “Empower CRFV” with a positive message from these young leaders who are the future of the Republican Party. With a pragmatic vision for strengthening the GOP, a plan of inclusiveness, and a desire to work hard to elect Republican candidates, they are shining examples of what hard work and perseverance can do to build the party.

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