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Dog barking ordinance passed for Augusta County

David KaraffaBy David Karaffa
Supervisor, Beverley Manor District, Augusta County

After much debate and delay, Augusta County now has a dog barking ordinance in place for residential neighborhoods. For many years I had received phone calls and complaints about neighbors who would leave their animals chained outside all night and allowing them to bark and howl for hours on end. Many folks spoke with the owners and tried to work this out themselves, and in some cases it worked. I have always encouraged this because it is the best way for disagreeing neighbors to work things out and keep the local government out of it. However, in other, more rare cases, the owners simply ignored the pleas of their neighbors and the barking of their animal. Therefore, after many years of requesting, the Board of Supervisors has put in place a tool for use by those folks who wish for some peace at night.

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