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Fishersville Mike: ‘Can we piggy back?’ high speed internet on pipeline

Pipeline mapBy Lynn R. Mitchell

Fellow SWAC blogger Fishersville Mike picked up on my post about running fiber optics aka high speed internet with the Atlantic Coast Pipeline that is proposed to be buried from West Virginia through Virginia to North Carolina (see What if Dominion Virginia Power ran high speed internet with Atlantic Coast Pipeline?).

Mike wrote:

SWACgirl has a good idea – adding high-speed internet cables to the Dominion gas pipeline right-of-way. The pipeline must go through rural areas, and they don’t think they’ll benefit from potential industrial uses of the natural gas. But giving them easier access to internet – might be a good sweetener.

What do you think?

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What if Dominion Virginia Power ran high speed internet with Atlantic Coast Pipeline?

Pipeline mapBy Lynn R. Mitchell

What if the proposed natural gas pipeline running through Augusta County and beyond had fiber optics buried along with it? For those who have advocated opening rural areas to high speed internet, perhaps the answer is to partner with the pipeline. Rumor has it that Dominion could be open to that possibility. High speed internet … Atlantic Coast Pipeline. What do you think?


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Augusta supervisors deliver resolution asking for more info, Dominion says 75% of landowners in pipeline path agree to surveying

Pipeline mapBy Lynn R. Mitchell

Hundreds of landowners turned out Monday night to attend an open house held by Dominion Virginia Resources at Fishersville’s Expoland. On hand were maps, information, and experts to talk with resident who turned out to learn more about the proposed natural gas pipeline.

Augusta County supervisors passed a resolution last week that was delivered to Dominion asking them “to submit to a mock rezoning in the county designed to minimize the impact on landowners, water supplies, schools and the county’s economic development plans.”

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