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Augusta County public hearing for Atlantic Coast Pipeline

Pipeline mapBy Lynn R. Mitchell

The Augusta County Government Center and Board of Supervisors will host a public hearing tonight for the proposed Atlantic Coast Pipeline that begins in West Virginia and runs through Augusta County on its way to North Carolina.

Dominion Power has held many open houses addressing the concerns of residents who question or outright oppose a pipeline. It will be interesting tonight to see if any proponents are in the audience to join the organized anti-pipeline crowd.

The public hearing begins at 7:00 in Verona.


7:00: Meeting is now underway. All supervisors are here as well as staff. Rules for speaking have been given to the full room including requesting respectful comments. A 15-minute break will be taken at 9:00.

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Myths & facts about Atlantic Coast Pipeline

Pipeline mapFrom Dominion Resources….

Dominion’s plan to build the Atlantic Coast Pipeline to provide affordable, environmentally friendly natural gas to our region has received broad and strong support. Still, we have a responsibility to make sure everyone knows the facts about this project.

Myth: The pipeline will move natural gas so it can be exported overseas.
Fact: The pipeline will serve customers in West Virginia, Virginia, and North Carolina—period. Natural gas moved by the pipeline will not be exported. In fact, no facilities exist along the route to make exporting possible.

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Augusta County residents organize against pipeline

David KaraffaBy David Karaffa
Supervisor, Beverley Manor District, Augusta County

PipelineSaturday, September 6th, saw a great number of Augusta County residents at the Verona Government Center. The topic of discussion was the Dominion Virginia Power Natural Gas Pipeline that has been much discussed since letters started appearing in citizens’ mailboxes. The letters have been asking landowners to allow Dominion representatives and their subcontractors to come onto their land and survey for the proposed route. This request has not been welcomed by the majority of landowners in Augusta.

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Business community, public officials support Atlantic Coast Pipeline

Pipeline mapBy Lynn R. Mitchell

The proposed natural gas pipeline in Augusta County just got a whole lot more important with support from Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe and a public outpouring of support from the business community as well as public officials including former Augusta County-Staunton Delegate Chris Saxman (R-20th), now executive director of the Virginia Foundation for Research and Economic Education.

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