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Why Virginia and not Texas?

By Lynn R. Mitchell

Ted Cruz represents Texas. He is going to announce his run for U.S. President today in Virginia. Why isn’t he in his own state making such an important announcement?

I posted that questions to Facebook friends. One, who lives in Northern Virginia, commented:

He’s marking his territory for the Libertarian and college vote. He wants to grab that stage at Liberty before Rand Paul does. Plus, he needs to cement himself here in VA by appealing to that crowd so he can correct the damage he’s done to himself in VA.

Another who lives in Texas and is not a Cruz supporter noted: Continue reading

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Is it time for over-the-counter birth control pills?

Birth control pillsBy Lynn R. Mitchell

Doug Mantaconis at Outside the Beltway has a good post concerning birth control pills and the question of whether it’s time to make them available over the counter (see GOP Congressman Cory Gardner: Make Birth Control Available Over The Counter).

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