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Russ Moulton: ‘Why I can’t endorse John Whitbeck’

Republican elephantBy Lynn R. Mitchell

An email written by anti-establishment Conservative Fellowship leader Russ Moulton (who holds no position within the Republican Party) has been making the rounds in Virginia the past month, a stunning rebuke of his former support of John Whitbeck who announced last summer that he would be running for reelection as chairman of the Republican Party of Virginia.

Moulton’s original email was picked up and forwarded by Susan Stimpson who agreed with him and forwarded it to others with her own thoughts:

Dear fellow Conservative,
I wanted to make sure you saw this email I received from long-time conservative leader Russ Moulton.

The actions of the current Virginia Republican Party Chairman should concern every Republican across the state. This is about a pattern of behavior. Like most politicians — John Whitbeck said one thing when he ran for party chairman and then once elected, abandoned his promises to us.

Quite simply, Virginia Republicans can’t trust John Whitbeck any more.

After reading the email below, ask yourself if this is the leadership Republicans should depend on to deliver a Republican victory in Virginia in 2016.

Susan Stimpson

For those who missed it the first go round, here is the email from Russ Moulton that was originally sent out on November 14, 2015, with the subject line, “Why I can’t endorse John Whitbeck for re-election.”

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SCC members call on RPV to rebuke racist statements of Bull Elephant blogger

By Lynn R. Mitchell

Republican Party of Virginia leaders Mike Thomas, State Central Committee (SCC) first vice chairman, and Carole de Triquet, SCC member, have taken the lead in calling on the party’s ruling body to rebuke racist statements made by a conservative blogger.

Jeanine Martin at the Bull Elephant blog made the comments in a post and follow-up comments (for background see Jeanine Martin doesn’t think immigrants ‘Hmong’ here — updated with responses and more hate). Martin is also a member of the Loudoun GOP and has carried a proxy to SCC meetings.

Martin’s comments caused an outcry among party members who have worked to engage minority voters, not just at the polls, but also as candidates throughout the state.

Here is the letter sent to RPV Chairman John Whitbeck and State Central Committee by Thomas and de Triquet:

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Kay Coles James for RPV chairman: A visionary for the future of the party

Kay Coles James

Kay Coles James

By Lynn R. Mitchell

The announcement by Pat Mullins last week that he will step down as State Chairman of the Republican Party of Virginia (RPV) on January 31, 2015, has begun the usual flurry of telephone calls and email messages that range from “Who will run for RPV Chairman?” to outright requests for support for one candidate or another.

Before the RPV State Central Committee rushes to promote from within, Virginia Republicans should step back and make an honest assessment of whether to stick with the status quo, in which case promoting a current RPV leader to State Chairman is a no-brainer. Or, if the decision is that RPV needs the political equivalent of an injection of adrenalin, then a dynamic, articulate, and experienced conservative from outside of the status quo is needed.

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