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UR College Republican corrects record after College Democrat disses Kasich event

John KasichBy Lynn R. Mitchell

Some people just don’t have a sense of humor these days, something that is especially sad when it’s an 18-year-old. When an article plopped into my email box on Wedneday from the University of Richmond Collegian, I noticed the title: “No, John Kasich, I don’t want Taylor Swift Tickets.” Curious, I began reading the words from Kayla Solsbak:

My hand was raised, my body half-way out of my back-row seat, when Gov. John Kasich finally acknowledged me.

“I’m sorry, I don’t have any Taylor Swift concert tickets,” he said, his eyes meeting mine.

The older members of the audience chuckled as my friends’ jaws dropped to the floor. It was astonishingly clear that Gov. Kasich did not come to Richmond for my vote.

Uh-oh. Everything good I had heard about John Kasich’s appearance Monday at the University of Richmond was in danger of being dashed in the first three paragraphs of the article. I continued reading a skewed version of his appearance as Ms. Solsbak made assumptions, pitted retired folks against college students, called Governor Kasich’s remarks “condescending lectures,” and generally down-played the event — even dissing the music. She didn’t have one good thing to say. The further I read, the more suspicious I became. Was the writer a student? A Democrat? Perhaps a plant?

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