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Part 3: Commemoration of the Fall of Richmond … the Executive Mansion

By Lynn R. Mitchell

??????????During the weekend of April 4, 2015 and the commemoration of the 150th anniversary of the fall of Richmond during the Civil War, tourists were invited for a brief walk-through tour of Virginia’s Executive Mansion.

Terry, were you home? We stopped by to visit….

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Part 2: Commemorating the Fall of Richmond 150 years later

By Lynn R. Mitchell

??????????Photo of Governor Terry McAuliffe (D) and family sits on the entry table to the Executive Mansion in RVA.

See also Part 1: Commemorating the Fall of Richmond 150 years later.

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Bob McDonnell’s appeal continues in the courts and with supporters

Bob McDonnell 14 wit Kurt

Dr. Kurt Michael, Governor Bob McDonnell at Executive Mansion, 2013. Photo by Lynn R. Mitchell.

By Lynn R. Mitchell

Posted yesterday on former Governor Bob McDonnell’s Facebook page:

Governor McDonnell’s attorneys are reviewing the Government’s filing and preparing his response.

In the meantime, Governor McDonnell remains buoyed by the unprecedented broad support his appeal has received from bipartisan state attorneys general who served in states stretching from Maine to Hawaii, bipartisan federal officials including White House counsels to every President since Ronald Reagan and two United States Attorneys General, nationally recognized law professors, including one of President Clinton’s most well-regarded district court appointees, bipartisan state and national legislators, the association that represents 31 sitting governors across the country, countless business leaders, the nation’s leading criminal defense lawyers association, as well as one of the country’s most prominent civil rights leaders.

Governor McDonnell further remains hopeful he will succeed in demonstrating on appeal that he never abused his office or committed any crime. He considered it an immense privilege to serve as governor and worked tirelessly with his team of public servants to improve the quality of Life in the Commonwealth. Governor McDonnell’s deep faith in God and the remarkable support of friends and family continue to sustain him during this appellate process.”

Earlier this month the Virginian Pilot reported that 44 former attorneys general backed McDonnell’s appeal, noting that they “support Mr. McDonnell’s appeal because his convictions represent a drastic, legislatively unsanctioned expansion of the federal police power, Basing federal criminal prosecutions on common political pleasantries would extend the federal government’s reach far too deeply into state political life” (see 44 former attorneys general back McDonnell appeal).
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