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Boehner reveals Cruz’s ulterior motives

John Boehner 1By Lynn R. Mitchell

The false claims of the anti-Boehner crew are all over social media. Here is a voice of reason that explains Cruz’s ulterior motives:

Boehner Will Be Missed – Face The Nation yesterday:

JOHN DICKERSON: “Is Ted Cruz a false prophet?”

BOEHNER: “I’ll refer you to remarks I made at an August fund-raiser in Steamboat Springs, Colorado.”

At the event the Speaker called Cruz “that jackass.” He also emphasized he was completely against the shutdown, it accomplished nothing, the promises were false, and it was designed to bolster Cruz’s profile and fundraising. Cruz gained over two million donor names and they helped him raise $50 million in this quarter.

[Because of the shutdown], 920,000 federal employees got a two week paid vacation, and despite the Senator’s claims, not one Democrat defected.

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