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Candidates in 1st GOP presidential debate named by Fox News

GOP elephants fightingBy Lynn R. Mitchell

Here are the candidates, freshly announced Tuesday evening, who will participate as the Top 10 for Thursday night’s debate on Fox News Channel at 9pm:

1. Donald Trump

2. Jeb Bush

3. Scott Walker

4. Mike Huckabee

5. Ben Carson
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Fox News anchor Bret Baier signs new deal

Bret Baier 1By Lynn R. Mitchell

Fox News anchor Bret Baier, 44, will be staying with the network through the foreseeable future (see Bret Baier re-ups with Fox News by Dylan Byers). Baier “has signed a new multi-year deal that will see him staying on as the network’s chief political anchor and host of Special Report,” according to Politico:

“As one of the most trusted anchors in the industry, Bret’s work ethic and style have played an integral role in the leadership of our Washington bureau and the success of the network,” Fox News chairman and CEO Roger Ailes said in a statement. “We are proud that his strong journalistic instincts and political expertise will be a part of Fox News throughout our 2016 election coverage and for many years to come.”

Baier is scheduled to continue as anchor of the 6pm “Special Report” news broadcast that he has hosted since Brit Hume’s retirement in 2009, and will co-anchor 2016 presidential election coverage as well as co-moderate the Republican Debate from Cleveland on August 6.

Baier became familiar to the Fox News audience while covering the 2000 presidential campaign’s aftermath when hanging chads and the intention of voters became the 24/7 news cycle. His reporting from precincts revisiting multiple ballots with “hanging chads” was the cause of his nickname, “Chad Lad.”

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Barbara Comstock goes one-on-one with Greta Van Sustern

Barbara Comstock 5 Greta

Greta Van Sustern and Congresswoman Barbara Comstock (photo from Fox News).

By Lynn R. Mitchell

The only woman in the Virginia congressional delegation, Republican Barbara Comstock is representing the 10th Congressional District after a distinguished career that included the Virginia House of Delegates and previous work on the Hill (see Greta & Rep. Barbara Comstock — I never expected to be here!):

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Bush delivers and electrifies CPAC audience as Tea Party protestors fizzle

Daniel Cortez 2

Daniel Cortez

By Daniel P. Cortez

Jeb Bush 13 by Daniel Anna Lee

Anna Lee of Northern Virginia would be a key conservative operative for a Bush for President campaign.

It appeared to be a more enthusiastic crowd on Friday than usual at CPAC for conservatives seeking the right Presidential candidate. Without question and in some cases a surprise, former Governor Jeb Bush wowed ’em. In the words of well-known Virginia conservative operative Anna Lee, Bush was “very Presidential and articulate.” It was his day in the sun.

Lee was part of the Who’s Who of Virginia supporters that included Marta Saltus and Manny Rosales, whose main focus was to support Bush and encourage him to simply, “Run.” Victor Cabral, noted Virginia attorney and husband of Anna Escobedo Cabral, who served as the nation’s 42nd Treasurer of the United States under George W. Bush, served as Virginia point man for the private Bush event. He was instrumental in assembling over 1,000 supporters from across the nation to a reception with Bush after a remarkable stage performance in front of a packed CPAC crowd. More importantly he brought key leaders of the Hispanic community to take a hard look at Bush. It worked.

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Political and media hypocrisy laced with hope

Daniel Cortez 2By Daniel P. Cortez

After several bedridden weeks battling the flu and then watching the President’s State of the Union Address, I’ve realized Stafford voters need inoculation from Democratic political hypocrites and elitists’ moral turpitude. Fortunately, actions by former Governor George Allen and wife Susan provide hope for Virginia Republicans  struggling for unity.

Raising conservative angst was President Obama’s depiction of a booming jobs market in our record deficit economy and free community college at taxpayer expense. While socialistically invigorating to Democratic partisans, they remain troublesome to Republicans and Independents.

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Obama (again) bashes Fox News

Fox NewsBy Lynn R. Mitchell

After viewing President Barack Obama’s latest bashing of Fox News Channel (FNC), Greg Gutfield of FNC’s “The Five”  responded, “Obama bashes Fox News more than ISIS, and we don’t behead anyone.”

The derogratory remark was actually written in Obama’s speech that he gave on Thursday (see Obama Attacks Fox News by Name in Mid-Terms Campaign Speech).

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