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Breakdown of how Fred Gruber wanted to spend 7th Congressional District money

VA 7 DistrictBy Lynn R. Mitchell

As misinformation continues to circulate concerning the 7th Congressional District Committee’s disbursement of funds, perhaps it’s a good idea to look at it — again — and see what Gruber wanted to do with those funds and why the committee, with years of Republican volunteerism and leadership under its belt, voted to donate the money in more productive ways.

The correct information has been provided in many locations but there are those who are pushing their own narratives to cover personal agendas so here it is again, this time more in depth.

When the call for the June 7th District meeting went out, “budget” was on the agenda but no budget was provided pre-meeting by Gruber. The following information is provided from the Virginia GOP Now newsletter:

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Will tea party glee be short-lived?

??????????By Lynn R. Mitchell

Anything can happen at political conventions. That was evident in the 2013 Virginia Republican State Convention with the candidates that were elected to represent the GOP on November’s ballot.  It was again proven at Saturday’s 7th Congressional District Convention when backers of Fred Gruber, head of the Louisa County tea party, turned out to vote for him as chairman over long-time Republican volunteer and incumbent Linwood Cobb.

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Gruber win in 7th Congressional District doesn’t bode well for Republicans

Daniel Cortez 2By Daniel Cortez

A not unexpected event occurred when Fred Gruber defeated Linwood Cobb Saturday for the 7th Congressional District Chairman. They pulled an ole Ollie North tactic — bus in your supporters to win a battle but ultimately lose the war effort that may further divide the Republican base in November.

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Louisa tea party chairman wins 7th Congressional District chair — Eric Cantor’s district

tea party flagBy Lynn Mitchell

Tea party delegates came in by the busload Saturday morning to vote at the 7th Congressional District Convention in Richmond, Congressman Eric Cantor’s district. They were there to vote for Fred Gruber, someone put up for the position after no one else would run. They rallied around him and made him the poster boy of defeating “establishment” Republicans. Fred Gruber is head of the Louisa Tea Party.

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Blogging the 7th Congressional District Convention


10:15 a.m. The ballroom is packed at the Richmond Hilton with a crowd of delegates representing the districts of the 7th Congressional District. Many familiar faces are here including former Governor Jim Gilmore and former Lieutenant Governor John Hager. Upward of 1,000 delegates were expected to participate. Congressman Cantor came in a while ago with his wife and family.

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