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Sidewalk chalk creativity shut down in Waynesboro

Sidewalk chalkBy Lynn R. Mitchell

Some people are saying, “Lighten up, Waynesboro!”

Is it Big Brother bureaucracy, or safety for citizens that has stirred up a downtown controversy (see City shuts down company’s art project):

It seemed to him like something creative, a way to separate his business from the rest. After Kris Krupa’s coffeehouse French Press opened this month in downtown Waynesboro, he reached out to some kids from Waynesboro High and asked them to help with a little artwork. They came and drew Yoda from Star Wars on the sidewalk, along with arrows directing people to the new coffeehouse. They also put up several other designs, with the help of chalk.

After someone lodged a complaint with the city, however, employees from the business had to wash it away, as officials argued that since no one had asked permission, it violated state and local ordinances.

The chalk picture of Yoda included a humorous quote in Yoda-speak, “Drink coffee, you must. At the French Press, you must.”

Interestingly, the publicity generated by the city’s response to one complaint has provided far more advertising for the French Press coffee shop than the sidewalk art.

Comments have been left on the newspaper’s online site, and many more can be seen at the Facebook page.




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