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The Virginian-Pilot is wrong about homeschool sports ‘entitlement’

school booksBy Lynn R. Mitchell

In 2013 Education Week reported, “Four out of five Americans believe homeschooled students should have the opportunity to participate in public school sports, according to a new poll from Gallup and Phi Delta Kappa” (see Public Supports Homeschool Students Playing Public School Sports).

Even so, the Virginian-Pilot editorialized its opposition to HB 1616, the “Tebow Bill” that passed in the 2015 Virginia General Assembly with bipartisan support and is currently waiting for Governor Terry McAuliffe’s signature. The newspaper’s primary reason for opposing is improbable (see Homeschool lobby wins special privileges) :

The latest proposal … still presents an opening for school districts to elevate success in sports ahead of enrollment in an academic community, paving the way for home-schooled students to do as Tebow did a decade ago, when he and his family shopped for a public-school football team that would accommodate his big arm.

I hate to burst the Virginian-Pilot’s bubble (well, actually, I’m happy to burst it) but very few homeschool families would feel compelled to cherry-pick a location for their children to play sports. Even fewer homeschool families could afford to go to such lengths as to move part of the family because most live frugally on one-income salaries. That argument is projecting a scare factor that just is not there.

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Deborah’s family immigration story: little has changed

Deborah MunozBy Deborah Bornstein Munoz

Gallup came out with a new poll June 27 (see More in U.S. Would Decrease Immigration Than Increase) in which they asked:

In your view, should immigration be kept at its present level, increased, or decreased?

The conclusion was that more in the U.S. would decrease immigration than increase it. Support for increasing immigration is up, yet more would still curb it.

It sounds as if little has changed since the 1890s when my great-grandparents from Lithuania faced this (see Countries and Culture: Lithuanian Americans by Mark A. Granquist):

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