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Election Day 2014 … Ed Gillespie for U.S. Senate

American flag 4By Lynn R. Mitchell

Election Day 2014. It’s all over except the voting.

We live in a free country where men and women have fought to protect our freedom to vote. As contributor Daniel Cortez wrote yesterday,  An Independent Political Perspective: Vote your conscience … but vote.

All of us at LynnRMitchell.com endorsed Ed Gillespie for U.S. Senate (see LynnRMitchell.com endorses Ed Gillespie for U.S. Senate), and guest poster Lee Talley shared his reasons for voting for Mr. Gillespie (see Lee Talley: ‘I am a dad and I’m voting for Ed Gillespie’).

Former Delegate Lacey Putney, long-time legislator in Richmond and an Independent, gave a rare endorsement by backing Gillespie (see Lacey Putney endorses Ed Gillespie, not impressed when Warner was governor).

Many newspapers endorsed Gillespie including the Richmond Times-Dispatch (see Ed Gillespie endorsed by Richmond Times-Dispatch).

In the Republican red Shenandoah Valley, LynnRMitchell.com managing editor Kurt Michael reminded that upping the voter margin is a major responsibility of the GOP to off-set Democratic-rich northern Virginia, Richmond, and the Hampton Roads areas (see Valley Republicans needed to up the vote margin).

Gillespie, who has worked for years in Republican politics including with President George W. Bush in the White House, received endorsements from his old boss (see President George W. Bush surprises Gillespie’s ‘G-Force’ phone conference) and President George H.W. Bush #41 (see George H.W. Bush #41 endorses Ed Gillespie).

Dana Perino has said for months that Ed Gillespie is the tortoise in this senate race but on Monday she was joined by fellow “The Five” panelist and Democratic strategist Bob Beckell in predicting an upset win in Virginia (see Dana Perino, Bob Beckell predict big upset win for Gillespie).

Constitutional Amendment: Vote YES. Help our military widows by providing a tax break on their real estate taxes.

Election Day 2014 … make it count.

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George H.W. Bush #41 endorses Ed Gillespie

By Lynn R. Mitchell

George H.W. Bush endorse Ed Gillespie

From President George H.W. Bush:
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George W and Clinton joke with each other at Monday announcement

By Lynn R. Mitchell

Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush

There’s insight with this video snippet that suggests why the Clintons and Bush family have become closer over the years. Watching Bill and W yuck it up is not only entertaining but also shows that former adversaries can move beyond their differences. Bill reveals that W called him on a regular basis during his second term to talk, something that was unknown to the public before now.

The friendly banter between the two in the video also shows how to work together for a good cause. In this case it’s the Presidential Leadership Scholars program that is a joining-together of the presidential libraries of George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George H.W. Bush, and Lyndon Johnson (see Laughs and Accolades as Clinton and Bush Introduce a Leadership Program by Amy Chozick at The New York Times).

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’41: A Portrait of my Father’ … George W’s book about George H.W. Bush

George W. Bush dad's book

By Lynn R. Mitchell

Former President George W. Bush made the announcement Wednesday on his Facebook page:

Announcing the cover and title of “41: A Portrait of My Father” — available now for pre-order and hitting bookshelves this November 11th.

Definitely on my wish list….

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Justin Amash combative after primary win

By Lynn R. Mitchell

Michigan Libertarian tea party U.S. House incumbent Justin Amash during his primary night victory speech Tuesday was anything but gracious. You would not see this from George W. Bush. Or George H.W. Bush. Or even Bill Clinton, for that matter. There’s a time and place for everything. This was not it.

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George W authors book about George H.W. Bush

George W. Bush with George H.W. BushBy Lynn R. Mitchell

They are commonly known as 43 and 41, father and son, George W and George H.W. Bush. The son’s announcement this week that he had written a book about his father, to be published on November 11, 2014, caught many off guard because it had been a closely-held secret (see The secret George W. Bush book project by David Nather at Politico):

News of the book came as a surprise to the political world, even among people who follow the Bush saga closely. Matt Schlapp, George W. Bush’s former political director and now the chairman of the American Conservative Union, said he had “no inkling” of the project — no talking points to help promote it, or even a heads up.

“The first I heard of it was on the news,” said Steve Munisteri, the chairman of the Texas Republican Party, who recalls meeting George W. Bush several times when Bush was an operative on his father’s presidential campaign in 1988.

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George H.W. Bush fulfills 105-year-old woman’s dream to meet him

George H.W. Bush 5By Lynn R. Mitchell

What a sweet story from Maine. President George H.W. Bush helped fulfill the dream of 105-year-old Millie Rennie of Kennebunkport, Maine — the state’s oldest resident. Her wish was to meet the former President of the United States. She not only met him but did so at the Bush family’s Maine home, Walker’s Point, on the Atlantic Ocean. Read the entire story written by Jennifer Feals with the Sea Coast News (see 105-year-old woman fulfills dream to meet George H.W. Bush). Wonder if Millie noticed what kind of crazy socks the President, who is famous for his variety of wildly patterned socks, was wearing for their visit….

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2012: ‘George W. Bush not endorsing in presidential primary is no mystery’

George W. Bush 11By Lynn R. Mitchell
[A look back at the 2012 presidential election. Originally published April 13, 2012, at Bearing Drift.]

The media are beside themselves trying to figure out why former President George W. Bush has not endorsed in the current Republican presidential contest. Everywhere you look, there’s some variation of the question wondering why he isn’t front and center. One example of the ink spent on the story is this one from Politico that asks, “Where is George W. Bush?” and accuses him of being on a “self-imposed exile” from the current political season.

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Design a sock for President George H.W. Bush’s 90th birthday

George H.W. Bush 4By Lynn R. Mitchell

I don’t know if this caught my attention more because of the fact that I was a homeschool mom for 16 years who looked for activities like this to engage my children in, or for the fact that I very much admire President Bush #41 (and all the rest of the Bush family). Probably a little of both.

It looks like so much fun for little creative hands and minds: Design a sock for former President George H.W. Bush who loves crazy socks of all colors and designs. He is known to wear two non-matching socks with business suits as well as casual wear. The contest runs until August 31 so when young ones need a summer activity, this could be a good one for a hot summer afternoon, or while sitting at a picnic table in the mountains or at the pool.

If a little inspiration is needed, check out these photos of the President in a variety of eye-popping socks, guaranteed to make you smile. Then grab the drawing paper, crayons, pencils, or whatever medium will be needed for putting together the perfect sock design, and get to work! Happy drawing!

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Happy 90th Birthday to President George H.W. Bush … #41

By Lynn R. Mitchell

George H.W. Bush 3

From the Barbara Bush Literacy Center: “Happy Birthday President George H.W. Bush! It’s not every day a former US President celebrates his 90th birthday. And it’s certainly not every day that a President leaps out of a plane. We wish you a very happy birthday, Mr. President, and a safe and thrilling skydive! #HappyBirthday41”

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Mother’s Day: George W. Bush and mom Barbara and Family Literacy

George W. Bush and Barbara

By Lynn R. Mitchell

I love this photo of President George W. Bush with his mom, former First Lady Barbara Bush. No one can instill a love for reading like moms. I read to my children throughout their growing-up years, and my mom read to my sisters and me when we were young. Faraway places and historical events came to life on the pages of a book.

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George W wants Jeb to run for President

Jeb Bush

By Lynn R. Mitchell

In an interview Thursday afternoon at his Crawford, Texas, ranch with CNN’s Jake Tapper, former President George W. Bush said he hopes his younger brother, Jeb, to run for President.  He noted that Jeb is doing his homework, and that he personally had not talked with him about his decision. He said Jeb probably would not announce until after the November 2014 elections and that he would make a great president.  He reiterated, “I hope he runs.”

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