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George W. Bush: ‘In democracy, the purpose of public office is not to fulfill personal ambition’

George W. Bush 34By Lynn R. Mitchell

A Facebook post by an Arizona college student of a quote from George W. Bush’s remarks on the day almost two years ago — April 25, 2013 — when the George W. Bush Presidential Library was dedicated made me re-read that extraordinary speech.

Typical of this compassionate conservative, Bush’s words were uplifting, positive, a reminder of duty and service, and always brought hope that America would prevail. That was part of the legacy of George W. Bush. He never apologized to the world for America, he always saw the best in us, and he was a steadying and reassuring force in his leadership even during the dark days following the Islamic terrorism attacks on America on 9/11.

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Easter Egg Roll at the White House 2002

By Lynn R. Mitchell

Easter 2002 White HouseEaster 2002 … the White House Egg Roll hosted by President George W. Bush and First lady Laura Bush. One of my sisters worked in the President’s administration so my mother, other sister, the two six-year-old nieces, my 14-year-old daughter were guests for an extraordinary day, the first Egg Roll after the terrorist attacks of 9/11. Security was tight but there was a light-hearted atmosphere as children raced around the lawn, and special attractions invited by the White House entertained including animal specialist Jack Hanna. Commemorative wooden pastel-colored Easter eggs inscribed with the event and date were given to all.

Since 1878, every U.S. President has hosted this family friendly tradition. It was a special day that we have not forgotten….

Photo courtesy of George W. Bush Presidential Library

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Thanksgiving 2003: President Bush pardons Stars & Stripes

George W. Bush 48 ThanksgivingBy Lynn R. Mitchell

From the George W. Bush Presidential Library: President George W. Bush pardons the Thanksgiving turkey during a Rose Garden ceremony Monday, Nov. 24, 2003:

“I appreciate you joining me to give this turkey a presidential pardon,” said the President in his remarks. “Stars is a very special bird with a very special name. This year, for the first time, thousands of people voted on the White House website to name the national turkey, and the alternate turkey. Stars and Stripes beat out Pumpkin and Cranberry. And it was a neck-to-neck race.”

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