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2016 Primary vs Convention in Virginia: How to Avoid a Logistical Nightmare

Primary by J HigginsBy Gerrie Smith
Guest Post

On June 27, 2015, State Central Committee (SCC) Republican officials will gather in Staunton, Virginia, to decide which method of nomination shall be adopted to select our nominee for President on November 8, 2016. Regardless of one’s opinion of the value of conventions vs primaries, the sheer number of Party officials and administrative offices to be determined next year must be included in the calculus.  These offices and nominations are to be completed according to the Party Plan, which the SCC is charged with implementing.

Although there are many and varied philosophical and political reasons for a primary or a convention, 2016 promises to be a very active year for Republicans.  The method whereby we select our nominee for President must be the preeminent task of the SCC. All business must be conducted and completed within a fairly tight time table, and adding to the mix is our popular annual RPV Advance which will be held in December. Completing these tasks is a daunting undertaking, but will be further complicated if the Convention method is adopted to nominate our candidate for President.

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