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Finding strength in God

Holy BibleBy Lynn R. Mitchell

A comment left on my Facebook page late Friday night was in response to the post, Does God let bad things happen to good people? The commenter wrote:

“Believing there’s an invisible man in the sky who makes it all better if you just ask nicely is ridiculous.”


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Robin Williams: ‘I hope there’s laughter in heaven’

By Lynn R. Mitchell

It’s 26 seconds of video that will make you smile. Can’t you just see Robin Williams in heaven cracking jokes to the angels? He said in this clip that he hoped in heaven there would be laughter (see YouTube video above).

On the other hand, here’s the closing scene from a 1978 episode of “Mork and Mindy” when Mork is giving his report to Orson. Sadly, the subject is loneliness.

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