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‘Beauty and the Beast’ … Hypocrisy Personified

Disney’s latest much-anticipated movie, “Beauty and the Beast,” is set to open March 17, 2017, and already there is controversy. As news makes the rounds that there is a fleeting gay related moment at one point, the church community is freaking out.


Now Franklin Graham weighs in, again, with his opposition to the film. I’m seeing people on Facebook changing their plans to see the movie because of this news. Wonder if they have seen the dozens of other children’s movies throughout the years that have had adult references.

But more than that, 81 percent of the evangelical community voted for Donald Trump who famously noted that he could grab women by the p***y and get away with it because he was famous. And they were okay with that, okay enough to not only not boycott that but also tolerate other crude behavior and language from a presidential candidate, now president, who stood in front of a rally and used the *f* word.  Who bashed a Vietnam POW. Who is no shining example to hold up to our children.

But these easily-offended Christians cannot see “Beauty and the Beast.”

Spare me the hypocrisy.

Update: An article in USA Today saw the same hypocrisy with boycotting “Beauty and the Beast.”

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Really, Facebook?


By Lynn R. Mitchell

A mom takes a photo of her pre-school daughter in a kind of remake of the famous Coppertone suntan lotion ad, and it’s banned by Facebook. A teenage big game hunter posts photos of her animal conquests in Africa and it’s banned from Facebook.

However, a photo of a bride and her bridesmaids with dresses hiked up to show their bare behinds is apparently considered just fine. Just sayin’.

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