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Jeb Bush has a plan to secure the border and enforce our immigration laws

Jeb Bush 24 George P

Jeb and son George P. Bush (Photo from Politico)

By Lynn R. Mitchell

Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush has a plan for securing the border and enforcing our immigration laws. Listen to what he says, not to the false information that is being pushed on social media. Here are the facts right in this piece by Jeb that is based on a book he wrote two years ago with attorney Clint Bolick, vice president of litigation at the Goldwater Institute (see Jeb Bush’s conservative immigration agenda).

Securing the Border and Enforcing Our Immigration Laws
By Jeb Bush

When Clint Bolick and I published Immigration Wars in 2013, we presented a number of proposals to strengthen America’s immigration policy. Border security and the interior enforcement of immigration laws, including a greater role for states, formed key parts of this package of reforms. We emphasized that finding a practical solution to the status of the people who are here illegally today is a nonstarter if our borders are not secure against future illegal immigration.

I believe that for those already in the country, we need to put in place a rigorous path that requires individuals to pass a thorough criminal background check, pay fines, pay taxes, learn English, obtain a provisional work permit and work, not receive federal government assistance, and over an extended period of time earn legal status. But any plan to address the status of illegal immigrants must be accompanied by a robust strategy to improve border security.

Securing the border is possible, but it will require Washington to move beyond divisive rhetoric. The following six proposals offer concrete steps that the federal government should take to help secure the border and enforce our immigration laws. We must transform immigration from a broken system into one that benefits every American.
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