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Gillespie won by landslide over Hill at 2014 Virginia Republican Convention


Ed Gillespie at 2014 Virginia GOP State Convention. Photo by Lynn R. Mitchell.

By Lynn R. Mitchell

At the 2014 Virginia Republican State Convention in Roanoke, Ed Gillespie soundly defeated Shak Hill for the GOP nomination for U.S. Senate, and then went on to come within a whisker of toppling incumbent senator Mark Warner. Final results were Warner 49.2 percent; Gillespie 48.4 percent; Sarvis 2.5 percent (see How Gillespie nearly slayed Warner).

Monday after Ed Gillespie’s name began circulating for governor after Mark Obenshain announced he was not running, radio host John Fredericks wrote the following false comment on his Facebook page:

Gillespie barely beat back a woefully underfunded convention challenge for U.S. Senate in Roanoke in 2014 by Shack Hill — who raised a little over $20,000 and ran what amounted to a Mail-Chimp campaign.

Wrong, wrong, and wrong. Here are the facts with the numbers to back them up. Ed Gillespie won by a landslide over Shak Hill (and the other two candidates), as noted at the time by blogger Justin Higgins who attended the convention and asked, “Just how badly did Gillespie beat Hill?”

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LynnRMitchell.com endorses a 2016 GOP Presidential Primary

Primary by J HigginsWe are two days from the Republican Party of Virginia’s quarterly state central meeting that will be held in Staunton to determine if 2016’s presidential nomination will be by Primary or Convention. Both sides of the issue have voiced opinions through various media and blog outlets, hoping the representatives who sit on RPV’s governing board are listening and weighing the pros and cons. Because LynnRMitchell.com supports a 2016 Presidential Primary for the Republican Party, we are providing the links of the pro-primary posts that have appeared on this blog from various authors who have provided many reasons why Virginia needs a Primary. –The Editors

Bill Bolling: Virginia needs a Presidential Primary

ACLU suggests mandatory 2016 Va GOP Convention fee same as poll tax, could invite litigation

Primary v convention 2016: Practical, logistical concerns for Fairfax County Republicans by Fairfax County Republican Committee Chairman Matt Ames

A 2016 Presidential Primary will be more inclusive by former Staunton Republican Committee Chairman Alex Davis

How a 2016 Presidential Convention disenfranchises Virginians by former SCC Western Vice Chairwoman Trixie Averill

Kenney: My husband is wrong by Melissa Kenney

2016 Primary vs Convention: How to avoid a logistical nightmare by Gerrie Smith

‘No to Virginia GOP Convention’ by Fishersville resident Larry Tillett (LTE in Richmond Times-Dispatch – Correspondent of the Day)

College Republican leader supports Republican party inclusion by Nick Welham

Pro-primary Bedford Republican responds to email from pro-convention Stearns by Dolores Switzer

Western Tidewater Young Republican chairman supports a primary for 2016 by Thomas Turner

2016 Primary: Here’s who to contact to voice that opinion

Legal, financial reasons for a Virginia GOP 2016 Presidential Primary

Wake up, GOP!

Graphic by JHPolitics.com

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