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Comstock attacks are over the top

Matt Colt HallBy Matt Colt Hall
Guest Post

As a young Republican, I have felt frustration while watching the Virginia Republican Party move farther to the right. That would be fine except we have completely thrown tactics and the ability to govern out the window.

Sadly, the Libertarian-tea party blog of Northern Virginia known as the Bull Elephant continues to demonize rational Republicans almost every day but on Tuesday they reached a whole new level of hatred and vitriol. Their columnist Jeanine Martin wrote a piece entitled, “Barbara Comstock votes with Democrats to fund DHS through August.” I don’t want to give Ms. Martin’s post the publicity it so desperately wants but one section was the straw that broke the camel’s back for me. It read:

“If Comstock continues down the path of voting with democrats, and cozying up to Eric Cantor and John Boehner, Republicans in the 10th district will be able to choose her replacement in a convention in 2016.”

As my hero and the greatest president once said, “There you go again.”

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Sabato: ‘This is not a good development for Mark Warner’

By Lynn R. Mitchell

“This is not a good development for Mark Warner.” — Dr. Larry Sabato, political pundit, 10/15/2014

Since Monday night’s debate between Mark Warner and Ed Gillespie that the Washington Post’s Jennifer Rubin called Warner’s debate from hell and noting that Gillespie had drawn blood, Warner has ducked from reporters and is keeping a low profile while Puckettgate continues to grow.

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First time I met the gracious, hard-working Barbara Comstock

Barbara Comstock 1By Lynn R. Mitchell

I remember very clearly the first time I met Barbara Comstock who is running as the Republican candidate for the 10th Congressional seat that is being vacated with the retirement of Congressman Frank Wolf.

It was 2009 and hundreds of Republicans from all over the Commonwealth were in Williamsburg for the GOP Advance. A number of us were at an event at the Williamsburg Inn and standing in line for the Friday night buffet. She was behind me and we began talking — exchange of names, where in Virginia we were from, that kind of thing.

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