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Sully supervisor contest illustrates ‘the man in the arena’

By Lynn R. Mitchell

The campaign for the Republican nomination for Sully District supervisor in Fairfax County was held Saturday, resulting in a low turnout that saw the winner garner 478 votes. Congratulations to John Guerava who now moves on to the general election against Democratic candidate Kathy Smith.

Thank you to Brian Schoeneman and John Litzenberger and all candidates who step into the arena. For those who do not make it, remember that you play an important part in the political process. We appreciate your service. You are the man in the arena….

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Brian Schoeneman leads Sully candidates in fundraising quarter

Brian Schoeneman 3By Lynn R. Mitchell

This week’s release of campaign finance reports confirmed that Fairfax County Sully District Republican candidate Brian Schoeneman was the top fundraiser during the quarter that ended March 31 (see Schoeneman ends fundraising quarter with 85% from small donors).

The Schoeneman campaign actually released its numbers on April 1 but results from the other two Republican candidates were unknown until this week when reports showed Brian led not only his fellow Republican candidates but also the Democratic candidate (see Schoeneman leads money race in Republican contest for Fairfax seat):

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‘I look like them’ (but I’m better)

Tito MunozBy Tito A. Munoz
Guest Post

Stressing outreach as a measure for candidate qualification has become a new preoccupation for some. Why?

The real question is: who is the best qualified candidate for the job of Sully District Supervisor on the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors? A question which has nothing to do with ethnicity and everything to do with knowledge, tenacity and ability. But for the sake of argument, because the subject’s been raised, let’s look at what benefit skin tone actually has in helping attract new participation in the Republican Party. The fact is it takes more than “looking like them,” a term one candidate is fond of using. Growing participation and membership takes relating on a basic level and not seeing them as “them.”

The candidate who uses these words says he relates to Hispanics, yet sees himself as different, or better than them.
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Who’s best for Republican outreach, Guevara or Schoeneman, in the Sully District?

Daniel Cortez 2By Daniel P. Cortez

John Whitbeck, the newly elected head of the RPV, has made an unprecedented move “endorsing” and that’s what it is regardless of the language used in his recent statement of support for John Guevara for Supervisor of the Sully District in Fairfax County.

In this, the first genuine move by Whitbeck towards outreach to the minority community for conservatives, he states, “Growing the Republican Party is essential to our winning elections in Northern Virginia.  John Guevara is exactly the kind of Republican we need to accomplish just that. His military and private sector experience in project management makes him uniquely qualified to serve on the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors.”

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