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When Henry Kissinger speaks, I listen

By Lynn R. Mitchell

When I was young and watching the political landscape, one of the adults in the room was Henry Kissinger — a foreign policy expert who served as National Security Adviser and Secretary of State for Presidents Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford. Even then I recognized this man’s importance to our country and listened when he spoke, not to mention the fact that his personal story about immigrating to America is fascinating.

Now 91 years old, Kissinger’s mind is still sharp as he continues to advise on the safety and stability of our country. In today’s Wall Street Journal, he and 94-year-old former Secretary of  State George Shultz, who served in President Ronald Reagan’s administration, have co-authored an opinion piece about the current “deal” with Iran. Don’t let their ages fool you. There are times when institutional knowledge and wisdom are badly needed in all circumstances especially in foreign policy, and these men have something to say (see The Iran Deal and Its Consequences). I’m listening.

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John Kerry diplomacy is ‘You’ve got a friend’? How about ‘Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue’?

By Lynn R. Mitchell

John Kerry took American singer-songwriter James Taylor with him to Paris to sing, “You’ve got a Friend.” After a terrorism attack. That killed 12 people. That has sparked marches with hundreds of thousands of people. That brought 10 world leaders to Paris. That has polarized Europe.

I had to let it sink in Friday when I heard it. I really like James Taylor. But “You’ve Got a Friend”? Really, Mr. Kerry?

When terrorism hit our shores on 9/11, one of the anthems at the time was sung by country music singer-songwriter Toby Keith. Called “Courtesy of the Red, White, and Blue,” the chorus went like this:

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‘You let the world down’

New York Daily News Paris bombing 2Word is that Barack Obama now “regrets” not making the journey to Paris or, at the very least, sending John Kerry. The photo of world leaders linked arm-in-arm walking down the streets of Paris is now in the pages of history sans Obama.

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