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Prescott & Jeb Bush: Distancing from McCarthy & Trump

Jeb Bush

Jeb Bush in Bristol, Virginia. September 2015. (Photo by Lynn R. Mitchell)

By Lynn R. Mitchell

During the 2016 presidential debates, Governor Jeb Bush spent his time on and off stage trying to point out the dangers and inconsistencies of Donald Trump, a man who had mocked the disabled, disrespected Vietnam prisoners of war (while being a draft dodger), incited hatred toward immigrants especially Mexicans and Muslims, bullied candidates and citizens, encouraged violence at rallies, disparaged and mocked women, and was a blank slate on policy and governing.

Turns out Jeb was walking in his grandfather Senator Prescott Bush’s footsteps whose “most notable accomplishment may have been his denunciation of Senator Joseph McCarthy.” Yes — an earlier Bush pushed back against a fear-mongering, bullying Republican from an earlier era, as noted in the “Bush Family History” by Michael Kranish:

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