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Police chief’s ‘trained killers’ comment offensive to many in VMI community

Roger Jarrell 1By Roger Jarrell
Chairman, Rockbridge Area Republican Committee
Guest Post

Much has been written and said about the whole “Trained Killers” fiasco stemming from apparent comments the Lexington City Police Chief made to a Washington and Lee journalism class. Those comments were quoted in an article published in The Ring-tum Phi — a student newspaper published by the journalism department. As a proud alumnus of both schools and as someone with deep ties to the community, I feel compelled to offer my own private views on this matter. (For background see Police Chief raises concern about VMI, W&L relations.)

1. It would be a fair statement that many within the VMI Community are deeply offended by many of the words attributed to the Chief in the article in question. Whether taken out of context or not, the words cast VMI Cadets … and by extension … the entire VMI community in a less than flattering light. Words like “trained killers” and the insinuation that VMI Cadets are not “normal” students are facially offensive.

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House Mountain

By Lynn R. Mitchell

House Mountain 1House Mountain, September 15, 2015.

Photo by Lynn R. Mitchell

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Remembering a very special day

1Three years ago … September 15, 2012 … a beautiful mid-September day when SWAC Daughter married SWAC Son-in-Law at House Mountain in Rockbridge County west of Lexington. With the Virginia mountains as a backdrop, it was a very special occasion for family, friends, and colleagues to come together to celebrate the joining of two families. We danced into the night and held onto the memories. Three years ago today….

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Thursday travels in Shenandoah Valley

By Lynn R. Mitchell

??????????Thursday I traveled to Lexington and Rockbridge and back to Augusta before heading to Waynesboro. The rural beauty of mountains and Shenandoah Valley never cease to amaze me in this part of Virginia. With dark clouds hanging low, I ran through several rain showers. This picture was in Rockbridge looking toward the Blue Ridge Mountains.

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Katy and Colin … two years later

???????????????????????????????It hardly seems like two years have passed since that sunshine-filled September day when we gathered for the wedding of our daughter at House Mountain Inn west of Lexington in a beautiful setting among the western Virginia mountains.

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