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RPV’s ‘loyal traditional Republicans’ paved the way to today’s GOP

Republican leaders

By Lynn R. Mitchell

After several years of newcomers to the Republican Party as well as the media slinging the word “establishment” around in a derogatory way, perhaps it is time for them to understand who the people are who worked to build the “big tent.” They include the Young Republicans from the 1960s who paved the way in a Democratic Commonwealth and helped build the modern Republican Party of Virginia.

I received comments from a friend who was a Young Republican during the 1960s era.  She doesn’t want her name used because of the negativity of today’s social media, and said for me to just refer to her as a deep-thinking old lady who received a political education along with historical facts during her active GOP years. She is like a walking encyclopedia on the Virginia GOP and I never tire of hearing her stories.

She wrote her thoughts on the current grassroots and leadership’s obsession with “the establishment.” Here are her words:

I have been doing a lot of thinking and sort of reassessing the facts relating to how we are referred to — “establishment.” I heard Jeb Bush refer to his elected father and brother as establishment. Well, I think that people who have run for and held office would especially fit this category. However, I don’t think that any of us who have so much “skin in the game” and nothing but memories of lots and lots of work, tenacity, and self-sacrifice to build a viable organization could be called anything but loyal Republicans who vote in EVERY election for the nominee.

Now we have the tea party, Libertarians, evangelicals, and other religious groups. We don’t fit into any of those categories.
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