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Kids get time-out for conduct Trump thinks will win him the White House

Time out chairBy Lynn R. Mitchell

Like a petulant spoiled child who expects to constantly be in the spotlight, Donald Trump has gotten on this mom’s last nerve. After my many years of working with children, he is a reminder that there is always that one.

There is always the kid who disrupts the class, bullies the others, and dominates on the playground with his fist and name-calling. For those children who misbehave, there is the time-out chair — that isolated corner where wayward children sit and think about what they have done.

If Donald Trump were a child, he would have been put in the time-out chair.

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Michael Farris on Donald Trump: ‘Are we out of our ever loving minds?’

By Lynn R. Mitchell

An interesting post showed up on Facebook Saturday night, written by Michael Farris, the conservative homeschool advocate who founded and is chairman of Home School Legal Defense Association, founded and is chancellor of Patrick Henry College, is a Christian husband and dad, and once ran for public office as a Republican.

His straight-forward remarks on Facebook concerned Donald Trump who is running for the Republican nomination for the 2016 presidential election:

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Mike Farris grateful for wife’s safe recovery from overturned vehicle during snowstorm

??????????By Lynn R. Mitchell

As Arctic conditions moved into Virginia Saturday night, Michael Farris was thankful for the safety of his wife who was rescued from her overturned vehicle that had landed in icy water during the howling winds, frigid temps, and snowy, sometimes whiteout, conditions.

In a post on Facebook early Sunday morning, Farris recounted what happened:

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