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A gift, the homeschool blooming cherry tree grows and thrives

By Lynn R. Mitchell

??????????My memories go back 20 years every time I look at this blooming cherry tree in my yard, remembering a group of homeschool friends in North Carolina who were special in my life. The tree was a gift from them when we were transferred back home to Virginia with SWAC Husband’s job, a thank you and a token of the love that had grown between us during the years we educated our children and socialized together. This is our ICHE tree — ICHE being an acronym for Iredell County Home Educators. When presented to us, it was about 2-3 feet tall. It obviously loves the Virginia soil because it now towers over my head. This tree makes me smile.

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Photos #2 – Burgers with Bill … faces in the crowd

??????????Two friends … Bob and Bill. The crowd sang “Happy Birthday” for these two whose birthdays were June 15. (In the background are Davis Rennolds, Charlie Judd, and others.) More photos after the fold….

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