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Allen: ‘Terry McAuliffe stole the show at Gridiron Club dinner’

Terry McAuliffe 2

Governor Terry McAuliffe

By Lynn R. Mitchell

Politico’s Mike Allen highlighted Virginia’s the performance of Virginia’s governor at Saturday night’s Gridiron Club dinner in D.C. in his morning Playbook:

Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe stole the show last night at the 130th Gridiron Club dinner – D.C.’s only white-tie-and-tails event, and one of the few big dinners that’s off-camera. The dinner, known for elaborate skits featuring top reporters, started as a gathering of the then-powerful newspaper bureaus, but over time added TV personalities.

“Good evening, everybody. I’m Terry McAuliffe, the Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia. Terry McAuliffe, the Governor of Virginia. Who saw that coming? … I see so many familiar faces. Vernon Jordan, Madeleine Albright, Donna Brazile, and Mike McCurry are here. The New York Times is trying to screw the Clintons every chance it gets. If the middle class were doing better, I’d swear it was the nineties. You all remember the middle class. Those are the people who walk by you to get to their seats further back in the plane.
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‘The New Yorker’ will have summer-long free-for-all access; fall will bring paywall

By Lynn R. Mitchell

From Mike Allen’s Politico Playbook:

NEW YORKER ANNOUNCES FREEDOM SUMMER, PAYWALL IN FALL – “Internal Affairs Dept.: A Note to Our Readers,” By The Editors: “In February, it will be ninety years since Harold Ross founded The New Yorker. It’s amazing what fruits of his invention persist … today: The Talk of the Town, Goings On, and Profiles … (Other departments-Say It with Scandal, Of All Things, and the high-society notes of In Our Midst-were more short-lived.) … This week, newyorker.com has a new look. … For months, our editorial and tech teams have been sardined into a boiler room, … working … on intricate questions of design, functionality, access, and what is so clinically called ‘the user experience.’ … The Web site already publishes fifteen original stories a day. We are promising more, as well as an even greater responsiveness to what is going on in the world. …

“Beginning this week, absolutely everything new that we publish-the work in the print magazine and the work published online only-will be unlocked. All of it, for everyone. Call it a summer-long free-for-all. … Then, in the fall, we move to a second phase, implementing an easier-to-use, logical, metered paywall. Subscribers will continue to have access to everything; non-subscribers will be able to read a limited number of pieces … The print version of The New Yorker is still a fine technology (try rolling up your iPad; and don’t drop it too often!), but more advanced technology has some distinct advantages.” http://nyr.kr/1u7pXz8

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