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Mike Farris on dysfunctional political scene

From Michael Farris today….

Every normal, functioning person exercises a considerable amount of self-restraint. We don’t say every thought that crosses through our heads. We don’t escalate every insult or slight into a pitched battle. It is a sign of leadership and strength to be able to respond with calm and temperance to provocations.

Donald Trump’s scorched earth battle against Heidi Cruz proves that he is more dangerous than Hillary Clinton. And make no mistake about it I believe that Hillary will do everything she can to undermine liberty, the Constitution, and virtue.

But I don’t think she would go nuclear against Russia if Putin insulted her husband.

I could not trust a man with a demonstrated history of lacking any semblance of self-restraint with access to the mechanism to launch a nuclear attack.

The choice is not inevitable. There is still time to choose Cruz.

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