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The song birds of Mountain Lake



Sitting on an outdoor patio at Mountain Lake in the mountains of Virginia’s Giles County, we were entertained by the activity at the bird feeders and the flower garden as birds, butterflies, and bees busily went about their business in the cool breezes at an elevation of 3,875 feet. I had the perfect vantage point with my camera.

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Virginia’s Mountain Lake

By Lynn R. Mitchell

6Mountain Lake in Giles County, Virginia, about 30 minutes west of Blacksburg.

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Memories: Mountain Lake still entertaining guests

Mountain Lake 1

Mountain Lake Lodge when the lake was full.

By Lynn R. Mitchell

Mountain Lake Lodge sits on 2,600 acres surrounded by the Jefferson National Forest in Giles County high in the mountains, a huge, rustic stone building with an historic background (see History of Mountain Lake Lodge) that overlooks what was once a large, well, mountain lake. It has practically dried up the past few years — the mystery surrounding that is a story in itself because it has drained and refilled over the centuries (see History of rise and fall of Mountain Lake) — but the resort remains as a hideaway for those who want to spend time in the cooler mountain temps with lots of outdoor recreational activities available, except swimming and boating.

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