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‘Drill here, drill now’ proponents change tune with local pipeline

Pipeline mapBy Lynn R. Mitchell

Hypocrisy among energy proponents? From “Drill here, drill now,” to “Not In My Back Yard,” some change tune when energy is offered close to home. Naysayers are loud and vocal. Others move along with life. Too bad we can’t put it to the people and let them vote on it….

See more about the pipeline: Federal presence galvanizes pipeline open house by Bob Stuart.

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Atlantic Coast Pipeline: Better ways to the same end

51069ac2dcc4a.imageBy Tracy Pyles
Supervisor, Pastures District, Augusta County
Guest Post

The “no-pipeline” slogan fits nicely on 2-inch buttons and yard signs but is an incomplete statement of attitude.  Most of us realize pipelines, whether 1, 2, or 3, will be approved to cross Virginia, destined for the Atlantic coast, in the next 5 years.  The challenge is to insure that these pipelines are smartly placed where they can serve their intended purposes while limiting their impact on the environment, the least risk to our people and force-take the least amount of private property.

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