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David French Believes It’s Time for Republicans to Honor George W. Bush

George W. Bush 40 9-11 airplane pic
President George W. Bush on Air Force One. September 11, 2001.

So let’s go ahead and have a conversation about this white elephant in the room that David French at National Review brought to light on Thursday when he wrote (see The Republican Party Needs to Honor GWB):

Watching the adulation heaped on Barack Obama last night, I was reminded of the shameful way the GOP — and the conservative movement more broadly — has treated George W. Bush. The last Republican to win a national election has become an object of scorn and mockery in many quarters of the Republican world.

Watching the Democratic convention this week, something interesting jumped out at me. Democrats had embraced 9/11 and emphasized how it drew Americans together in 2001. Thursday evening New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, whose state witnessed so many deaths on that fateful day, recalled the terrorist attacks and noted that we did not see ourselves as black, brown, or white that day, but rather we were red, white, and blue. We cried together, he said, mourned together, and then we rebuilt together. We were Americans.

Republican President George W. Bush led that effort, calming a fearful nation and pulling together a coalition of nations to fight the war over there, not here on the homeland. During this campaign, however, he was blamed for 9/11 by the 2016 Republican presidential candidate.

French continued:

It’s almost comical to watch many of the same people who derided Bush as a “big-government Republican” wrap both their arms around a bigger-government populist. It’s sad to see critics who attacked Bush’s anti-terror strategy fail to recognize that it did, indeed, keep us safe after 9/11. His strategy — taking the fight straight to the enemy — rocked terrorists on their heels so much that only three Americans lost their lives to domestic terror attacks during the rest of Bush’s two terms. If you’d told virtually anyone in the days after 9/11 that the next seven-plus years would be almost entirely peaceful here at home, they would have laughed at your optimism. We felt that the next blow would land at literally any moment.

… By the time he left office, al Qaeda was a shell of its former self, and the Iraq war was largely won. By the time he left office, he’d taken all the necessary measures to prevent true financial catastrophe. And, by the way, he not only had a better record at judicial nominations than either his father or President Reagan, he handled an enormous amount of incoming hate and vitriol with class and dignity. Is he not worth respecting? Is he not worth honoring? I sincerely hope that the GOP of 2020 is a more decent organization than it is today, and it gives Bush the kind of moment the Democrats gave Obama. He deserves our applause.

Indeed. It’s been 16 years since the tragedy of 9/11. It’s time to properly honor President George W. Bush for his leadership.

“Freedom itself was attacked this morning by a faceless coward, and freedom will be defended.”
–George W. Bush (address to the nation, September 11, 2001)

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Jeb Bush’s op-ed on Trump’s false 9/11 claims

By Lynn R. Mitchell

Donald Trump ran up against the Bush family, and Jeb isn’t backing down. With false accusations that President George W. Bush was responsible for the terrorism attacks of 9/11, Governor Bush has responded in an op-ed that was published today in National Review:

A Clear Choice on National Security

By Jeb Bush

In the latest episode of the reality show that is Donald Trump’s campaign, he has blamed my brother for the 9/11 terrorist attacks on our nation.

That Trump echoes the attacks of Michael Moore and the fringe Left against my brother is yet another example of his dangerous views on national-security issues.

This is a man who has previously stated he would prefer Hillary Clinton had led negotiations on the nuclear agreement with Iran. He has expressed a willingness to allow Vladimir Putin to dominate the Middle East by aligning with Iran and propping up the ruthless Syrian dictator, Bashar al-Assad — an action that would only worsen the existing refugee crisis and endanger our national-security interests and those of Israel. And he has been ignorant and dismissive of the world’s most dangerous terrorist organizations, saying that we shouldn’t have gone into Afghanistan to hunt al-Qaeda and end the safe haven for terror provided by the Taliban, only to retreat from that stance this week.
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Eric Cantor remains an imposing political presence

Jeb Bush, Eric Cantor

Jeb Bush, Eric Cantor

By Lynn R. Mitchell

A friend sent over this article about former Congressman Eric Cantor, and I’m glad he did (see Eric Cantor Is Back — But He Never Really Left). Nice article from Jim Geraghty at National Review.


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10 points from Jeb Bush, Washington Post says ‘CPAC is a win for Bush’

Gregory HiltonBy Gregg Hilton
Guest Post

The major media attention today was on Jeb Bush at CPAC. There was a walkout and booing, but overall the reviews were positive.

Rich Lowry of National Review said Bush “was questioned on all the tough topics by Sean Hannity, and he emerged unscathed.”

David Freddoso of the Washington Examiner said, “Bush is especially strong in a question and answer session.”

The former Governor made the following 10 points:

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