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Jeb’s national security and military readiness remarks at The Citadel

Jeb BushBy Lynn R. Mitchell

Video of Jeb Bush’s Citadel speech.

Jeb Bush addressed the student body at South Carolina’s The Citadel on Wednesday and, as Jennifer Rubin noted in the Washington Post, there are “a few voices of sanity on national security:

In a sea of self-delusion (from President Obama), fear-mongering (from anti-immigrant opportunists) and mind-numbing geopolitical stupidity (let’s allow Russia and Iran take over Syria!), there are some voices of reason out there.

Let’s start with Jeb Bush, who today at The Citadel rolls out a substantive, detailed defense proposal.

She then offered details of his national security policy. Read more here. He would:

  • Grow the Army Active Component end-strength back to 490,000
  • Build the Marines back up to 186,000
  • Increasing Navy and Air Force firepower
  • Modernizing the nuclear triad
  • Study the feasibility of a high-altitude, medium-to-long endurance persistent ISR/strike system to complement the new long range bomber
  • Increase the combat fleet by continuing with the F-35 program
  • Explore other options for air supremacy
  • Rebuild our intelligence capabilities
  • Secure our basic infrastructure
  • Address gaps in our border and visa security

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Speaker Paul Ryan begins leadership, Homeland Security on tap … U.S. House schedule for Monday, Nov. 2, 2015

Capitol 1By Lynn R. Mitchell

The U.S. House will be back in session today for the first day under Speaker Paul Ryan’s leadership. National security is front and center with several Homeland Security bills on the docket as well as concern for the safety of Jewish communities in Europe. Here is the schedule from Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy….

On Monday, the House will meet at 12:00 p.m. for morning hour and 2:00 p.m. for legislative business. Votes will be postponed until 6:30 p.m.

One Minute Speeches

Legislation Considered Under Suspension of the Rules:

1) H.R. 3361 – Department of Homeland Security Insider Threat and Mitigation Act of 2015, as amended (Sponsored by Rep. Peter King / Homeland Security Committee)

2) H.R. 3505 – Department of Homeland Security Clearance Management and Administration Act (Sponsored by Rep. Bennie Thompson / Homeland Security Committee)
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Hillary, email scandal, and national security

By Lynn R. Mitchell

From today’s Richmond Times-Dispatch editorial:

Eight years ago, Jessica Lynn Quintana, a contractor at Los Alamos National Laboratory, pleaded guilty to removing classified information from the facility. According to a Department of Justice press release, “On July 27, 2006 . . . Quintana printed off pages of classified documents and downloaded other classified information to a computer thumb drive, before putting them in a backpack and taking them home. Quintana stored the pages and thumb drive at her residence, which was not an authorized location for the storage of classified information.”

Does any of that sound similar to Hillary Clinton’s email scandal? You bet it does. Among other consequences, Quintana lost her security clearance. On what grounds should Clinton keep hers?


With the ongoing investigation and denials from Clinton herself and those around her, the excuses and lack of accountability are alarming or, as the Times-Dispatch noted, “This is no light matter. A training document by the Office of the National Counterintelligence Executive states that ‘information is classified as TOP SECRET if an unauthorized disclosure could reasonably be expected to cause exceptionally grave damage to national security.’ ”

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Wake up, GOP!

Libertarian Party logo 2By Lynn R. Mitchell

I am a Republican, not a Libertarian, something I’ve noted even before Libertarians began their stealth takeover of the Republican Party. Like a wolf in sheep’s clothing, they joined GOP ranks and took over leadership positions because, unable to make anything of their own Libertarian Party, they chose a hostile takeover of the GOP, harnessing tea party voters while purging long-time GOP volunteers and leaders, all part of the reason for a string of losses that have occurred in recent years.

Keep in mind that my number one issue is national security. Without it, nothing else is possible in America. The terrorist attacks of 9/11 were not some bad dream but a reality that killed more people than the surprise Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. You can kiss a strong national defense good-bye if Libertarians are in charge.

Wake up, GOP!

The Republican Security Council’s exposé on Libertarian Matt Kibbe of the Libertarian FreedomWorks group is a must-read for all Republicans. If you didn’t know what was going on before, this will open your eyes. Kibbe opposed and would not endorse the 2012 GOP candidate Mitt Romney. He and his group of Libertarians undermine Republicans instead of going after Democrats. He had a falling-out with Senator Dick Armey who worked closely beside him before realizing Kibbe was undermining the GOP.

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Election 2014: Americans want national security

American flag 4By Lynn R. Mitchell

America tends to fall asleep between terrorism attacks. Then events lead to a reawakening and national security moves to the top of the list of concerns.

It would appear security played a big part in Tuesday’s Republican victories. Republicans are seen as the party of hawks. On Tuesday, the hawks swept into office by taking over the US. Senate and padding their margin in the House.

Americans are concerned about ISIS. Beheadings. A president who addressed Jim Foley’s beheading and then went golfing 15 minutes later.

In Election Day exit polls, 72 percent of voters said they are afraid of a terrorist attack.

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Video: Stephen Colbert chides Obama’s boots-on-the-ground policy for Iraq

By Lynn R. Mitchell

Stephen Colbert’s humorous look at President Barack Obama adamantly ruling out sending ground troops to counter the ISIS threat in Iraq. How many kinds of footwear can he use in this monologue….? (Click on black box for video.)

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Fmr Mass. Sen. Scott Brown: American ISIS fighters should not return to U.S.

By Lynn R. Mitchell

This is filed under the category of leaders with common sense.

Former Massachusetts Senator and current GOP New Hampshire Senate nominee Scott Brown appeared on Fox News and asked if American citizens who fight for ISIS abroad be allowed to keep their passports. He responded, “Let’s keep them there with their new friends.”

He expanded on that: “They’re not coming back to the United States to buy a house with a white picket fence. They’re coming back to hurt and kill us and change our way of life… Let’s keep them there with their new friends.


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