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‘IL SILENZIO’ … ‘The Silence,’ a haunting reminder of war

Buona notte, amore … ti vedrò nei miei sogni. Buona notte a te che sei lontana.

Good night, love … I’ll see you in my dreams. Good night to you who are far away.

By Calvin T. Lucy Jr.
Guest Post

“The Silence.”*

About  six miles from Maastricht, in the Netherlands, lie buried 8,301 American soldiers who died during World War II’s “Operation Market Garden” in the  battles to liberate Holland in the fall and winter of 1944. “Operation Market Garden” was an unsuccessful and very costly battle during World War II. It was proposed by British General Bernard Montgomery to secure one bridge at Caen in the Netherlands as a Rhine River crossing near the end of the war. U.S. General George Patton succeeded in crossing the Rhine later using a pontoon bridge constructed under fire by U.S. Army engineers.

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