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George W authors book about George H.W. Bush

George W. Bush with George H.W. BushBy Lynn R. Mitchell

They are commonly known as 43 and 41, father and son, George W and George H.W. Bush. The son’s announcement this week that he had written a book about his father, to be published on November 11, 2014, caught many off guard because it had been a closely-held secret (see The secret George W. Bush book project by David Nather at Politico):

News of the book came as a surprise to the political world, even among people who follow the Bush saga closely. Matt Schlapp, George W. Bush’s former political director and now the chairman of the American Conservative Union, said he had “no inkling” of the project — no talking points to help promote it, or even a heads up.

“The first I heard of it was on the news,” said Steve Munisteri, the chairman of the Texas Republican Party, who recalls meeting George W. Bush several times when Bush was an operative on his father’s presidential campaign in 1988.

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Larry Sabato’s ‘Crystal Ball’ partners with Politico

By Lynn R. Mitchell

The University of Virginia’s Center for Politics and political science professor Dr. Larry Sabato announced on Thursday an important partnership (see Politico, Crystal Ball announce new partnership):

The University of Virginia Center for Politics and Politico are pleased to announce an exclusive media partnership to offer readers interactive ratings from Sabato’s Crystal Ball on Senate, House, and gubernatorial races.

The new feature on Politico’s website shows which way the Center believes a race is leaning each week as well as the logic behind changes in ratings.

“Partnering with Politico is an exciting next step for the Crystal Ball, and we look forward to contributing our race ratings and analysis to one of the top political news outlets in the country,” said Larry J. Sabato, director of the University of Virginia Center for Politics.


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Practical Politicking predicts odds of GOP reclaiming Senate Majority up to 75%

By Lynn R. Mitchell

Tom Dougherty has good news for Republicans in Wednesday’s Practical Politicking (see Odds of GOP reclaiming Senate Majority up to 75%):

Iowa Moves to Toss-Up; Virginia Moves to Leans Democratic; and the GOP Looks Strong with 111 Days To Go

He went on to write:

The latest Practical Politicking Report (PPR) places the odds of Republicans picking up the minimum of six seats to regain the senate majority at 75.0%, with a slight increase to 57.5% in the odds of gaining eight seats.

Dougherty notes there are reasons for the change that are favorable to Republicans. Among them are President Barack Obama’s continuing downward spiral in the polls, and Obamacare continues to lose favor among Americans. The rating of state races rounds out his reasoning but of most interest to LynnRMitchell.com is his analysis of Virginia’s U.S. Senate race:

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2012: ‘George W. Bush not endorsing in presidential primary is no mystery’

George W. Bush 11By Lynn R. Mitchell
[A look back at the 2012 presidential election. Originally published April 13, 2012, at Bearing Drift.]

The media are beside themselves trying to figure out why former President George W. Bush has not endorsed in the current Republican presidential contest. Everywhere you look, there’s some variation of the question wondering why he isn’t front and center. One example of the ink spent on the story is this one from Politico that asks, “Where is George W. Bush?” and accuses him of being on a “self-imposed exile” from the current political season.

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Mississippi … sounds like what Brat did in Virginia

By Lynn R. Mitchell

Thad Cochran’s win in Mississippi Tuesday sounds like Dave Brat’s win in Virginia … courting Democrats and others:

There is no Republican primary in Mississippi.

That’s because state law allows any Democrat who didn’t vote in the Democratic primary (which means most Democrats) to vote in the Republican primary…and they did. In fact, Sen. Thad Cochran vigorously pursued Democrat votes, and if anecdotal turnout figures are correct, he got them in numbers adequate to squelch the insurgent campaign of state Sen. McDaniel.

A big difference in the reactions of the two who lost, however. While Majority Leader Eric Cantor was gracious in losing and threw his support behind Brat, Chris McDaniel is refusing to concede and has threatened a recount. Politico wrote (see Defiant Chris McDaniel declines to concede in speech to reporters):
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Judge denies McDonnell request for dismissal and separate trials, his lawyers prepare defense against the highly questionable charges

By Lynn R. Mitchell

From the Richmond Times-Dispatch:

Motions denied: A federal court judge today denied a motion by former Gov. Bob McDonnell to separate his trial from that of his wife, Maureen. He also refused to throw out corruption charges against the McDonnells. That means the joint trial will go on on July 28.

It’s sad to see that this witch hunt has been allow to progress so far. To help with the governor’s defense, go to The Restoration Fund to donate. You will be joining other high-profile names like former Massachusetts Governor and U.S. President candidate Mitt Romney who gave $10,000. Every little bit helps.

Also check out these articles about the federal government and its pursuit of Republican governors in Virginia and New Jersey. While ignoring the bungling of Benghazi where Americans actually died, DoJ pursues high-ranking Republicans:

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