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Recent tweets of interest from Practical Politicking

By Lynn R. Mitchell

Recent tweets of interest, thanks to Practical Politicking:

@PRyan: We need to stop listening to the loudest voice in the room and start listening to the smartest voice in the room.

And then there’s this one:

Hey Tea Party – just so ya know, the election is 100 days away and you’re still focusing on Republicans. How about a shift, huh? #JustAnIdea


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Practical Politicking predicts odds of GOP reclaiming Senate Majority up to 75%

By Lynn R. Mitchell

Tom Dougherty has good news for Republicans in Wednesday’s Practical Politicking (see Odds of GOP reclaiming Senate Majority up to 75%):

Iowa Moves to Toss-Up; Virginia Moves to Leans Democratic; and the GOP Looks Strong with 111 Days To Go

He went on to write:

The latest Practical Politicking Report (PPR) places the odds of Republicans picking up the minimum of six seats to regain the senate majority at 75.0%, with a slight increase to 57.5% in the odds of gaining eight seats.

Dougherty notes there are reasons for the change that are favorable to Republicans. Among them are President Barack Obama’s continuing downward spiral in the polls, and Obamacare continues to lose favor among Americans. The rating of state races rounds out his reasoning but of most interest to LynnRMitchell.com is his analysis of Virginia’s U.S. Senate race:

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