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Jeb Bush clear, concise, forceful in 4th presidential debate – Updated

Jeb Bush

Photo by Lynn R. Mitchell

By Lynn R. Mitchell




As seen in the tweets above, Jeb Bush brought it to the debate stage Tuesday night with his sizable arsenal of knowledge and experience on issues concerning the economy, energy, the Veterans Administration, and other concerns of Americans. From his very first response, it was obvious he was on, and ready to face not only his opponents but to hit the trail for the weeks that lay ahead leading to the 2016 presidential primaries.

The New York Times was very impressed with his performance, noting (see A nimbler Jeb Bush turns feisty. But is it enough?):

This was a hungrier Jeb Bush.

Donald J. Trump had just finished a breezy, boastful and hard-to-follow explanation of how he would take on the Islamic State, tossing in a curiously admiring aside about Vladimir V. Putin’s performance on television.

Suddenly a voice rose from his right.

“Donald is wrong,” said Mr. Bush, uncharacteristically interjecting before the debate moderators could move on.

Mr. Bush said it again, more emphatically. “He is absolutely wrong on this.”

Mr. Trump had blithely suggested that he would happily stand aside and let others, such as Mr. Putin, Russia’s president, sort out the messy Middle East.

Mr. Bush looked into the camera and did what he has long resisted: He ridiculed Mr. Trump as naïve and unsophisticated.

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Jeb Bush faces Red State attendees, wins them over, calls on Trump to apologize to Megyn

Jeb Bush 24 George P

Jeb Bush with son, George P.

By Lynn R. Mitchell

Conservatives were won over this weekend by former Florida Governor Jeb Bush at their annual Red State gathering (see Jeb Bush takes the gloves off at RedState). Many have been wary of him and outwardly expressed it early on at the event:

During the presidential debate on Thursday, conservatives gathered at the RedState watch party vehemently booed Bush. A few even shouted obscenities as he spoke about immigration and Common Core educational standards.

However, those same folks gave him a standing ovation when he spoke with them in Atlanta on Saturday:

But he received a standing ovation from a majority in the audience on Saturday and got loud applause for taking on Trump. Bush said Trump ought to apologize for the pejorative comments he made about Fox News personality Megyn Kelly.

“Do we want to win? Do we want to insult 53 percent of all voters?” Bush said. “What Donald Trump said is wrong. That is not how you win elections. Worse yet, that is not how you bring people together to solve problems.”

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What is Donald Trump’s game?

By Lynn R. Mitchell

Former Reagan speech writer Peggy Noonan nailed the Donald Trump issue with Republicans in her latest (see Donald Trump’s Appeal — and it’s limits in the Wall Street Journal):

Mr. Trump’s loquacity will be a challenge in the debates. How will anyone get a word in edgewise? Candidates will rely on the moderator. The moderator may amuse himself by stepping back and watching the fun. None of the candidates will want to take Mr. Trump head-on because he doesn’t play within the margins of traditional political comportment. He’s a squid: poke him and get ink all over you. [emphasis added]

The dilemma is how to wrestle the pig without ending up in the mud with him. Trump reminds of the unfiltered trash-talking bully on the playground, and many are weary of the spectacle and ready for his fifteen minutes of fame to be over. There is no decorum with him which is exactly his appeal with some.

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