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‘Burgers with Bill’ … Celebrating Bolling’s 60th Birthday

They are two classy people. Former Lieutenant Governor Bill Bolling and Jean Ann Bolling welcomed and thanked everyone for attending “Burgers With Bill” to celebrate his 60th birthday. Many thanks for bringing together the large crowd of Republican friends for an evening of fellowship, laughter, and happy memories.

My Bill and Missy’s Shaun.

Trixie and Bill.

Trixie, Donald Williams, Nancy Williams

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The Snake

In the midst of the latest Donald Trump fallout after revelations of the tape with Trump’s disgusting comments about women, a song came to mind. The words to Al Wilson’s “The Snake,” a 1969 song that at the time was associated with unfaithful men, began playing in the back of my head. Sadly for the Republican Party, the words hit home. 2016 … the year we will never forget.

The Snake

On her way to work one morning
Down the path along side the lake
A tender hearted woman saw a poor half frozen snake
His pretty colored skin had been all frosted with the dew
“Poor thing, ” she cried, “I’ll take you in and I’ll take care of you”

“Take me in tender woman
Take me in, for heaven’s sake
Take me in, tender woman, ” sighed the snake

She wrapped him up all cozy in a comforter of silk
And laid him by her fireside with some honey and some milk
She hurried home from work that night and soon as she arrived
She found that pretty snake she’d taken to had been revived

“Take me in, tender woman
Take me in, for heaven’s sake
Take me in, tender woman, ” sighed the snake

She clutched him to her bosom, “You’re so beautiful, ” she cried
“But if I hadn’t brought you in by now you might have died”
She stroked his pretty skin again and kissed and held him tight
Instead of saying thanks, the snake gave her a vicious bite

“Take me in, tender woman
Take me in, for heaven’s sake
Take me in, tender woman, ” sighed the snake

“I saved you, ” cried the woman
“And you’ve bitten me, but why?
You know your bite is poisonous and now I’m going to die”
“Oh shut up, silly woman, ” said the reptile with a grin

“You knew damn well I was a snake before you took me in
“Take me in, tender woman
Take me in, for heaven’s sake
Take me in, tender woman, ” sighed the snake.

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Bernie Sanders says what many are thinking

“It is unbelievable to me, and I say this with all sincerity, that the Republican Party would have a candidate for president, who in the year 2016 makes bigotry and discrimination the cornerstone of his campaign.” –U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders (June 9, 2016, remarks at press conference after meeting with President Barack Obama)

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Transcript of Thursday GOP debate

By Lynn R. Mitchell

For those interested in reading the transcript from Thursday night’s Republican Debate on Fox News Channel, here is the link: Fox News Transcript.

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Talking with my friend: ‘Donald Trump, the perfect RINO’

Donald Trump 16By Lynn R. Mitchell

I have a friend who has a saying: “Turtle mix-up.” The Republican Party is in the middle of a massive turtle mix-up.

So in the midst of this angst, I once again conversed with my wise older Republican friend who recently shared thoughts about the GOP (see RPV’s ‘loyal traditional Republicans’ paved the way to today’s GOP). She has been keeping a keen eye on the goings-on as one who has been in the Virginia political scene for 50 years, and she has a few thoughts on the current political atmosphere.

During the 1980s, evangelicals became a driving force in the GOP when Mike Farris, Jerry Falwell, and others led the Moral Majority. The presidential election of 2016 has sent a fissure through the religious community with church leaders split between Donald Trump, who is backed by Falwell Jr, and Ted Cruz, who is supported by Farris.

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RTD: Emmett Hanger would make excellent finance committee chair

Emmett Hanger 2By Lynn R. Mitchell

I wrote on Monday about State Senator Emmett Hanger moving into the chairman’s seat on the powerful finance committee after the retirement of Walter Stosch (see Emmett Hanger could be in line to chair state senate finance committee).

Today the Richmond Times-Dispatch wrote an editorial suggesting the same (see GOP can move forward with finance pick):

Augusta’s Emmett Hanger stands second in seniority to Norment. A loyal Republican, he is not a fire-eater — and would make an excellent chair.

This year potentially divisive differences existed between the money committees in the two houses. Comity prevailed. A budget crisis was avoided. The adults overcame. Hanger is qualified by disposition and philosophy to guide with a steady hand and to provide stability. He deserves the job.

Winning the June 2015 Republican primary against two tea party opponents and garnering 60 percent of the vote was the first step for Senator Hanger toward chairmanship. It would be a good fit due to his experience serving as a member of the committee and chairing the Health and Human Resources subcommittee. We’ll be watching what comes out of the finance caucus later this month.

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Goodlatte for Speaker?

Bob Goodlatte, Robert Hurt 2By Lynn R. Mitchell

As the U.S. House of Representatives looks for its next Speaker, some have suggested Virginia Congressman Bob Goodlatte (R-6th) of Roanoke who currently heads the judiciary committee.

Former Lieutenant Governor Bill Bolling noted on his Facebook page:

Well, this is an interesting development. I am now officially promoting Bob Goodlatte of Virginia to become the next Speaker of the House. Paul Ryan would also be a good choice, although he has previously said he does not want the job. We’ve got to find someone who can bring the various factions of the GOP conference together, and that won’t be easy.

Rockbridge-Lexington Republican Committee Chairman Roger Jarrell took to Facebook to suggest:

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Jerry Kilgore headlines fundraiser for Chuck Slemp for Commonwealth’s Attorney

Chuck Slemp 2

By Lynn R. Mitchell

In 2005 when Chuck Slemp was driving gubernatorial candidate Jerry Kilgore to political events around Virginia, the University of Virginia at Wise graduate with the engaging personality and friendly smile had a goal. His plan was to attend law school and return to  Wise to open a law office and serve the citizens of southwestern Virginia. Now ten years later, Chuck’s dream came true and he is a successful and established attorney with law offices in Wise and Pennington Gap.

Married, he and his wife have two children, and he has a new goal: Commonwealth’s Attorney. His campaign is in full swing as he and his team of volunteers work toward election day. This week Chuck’s old boss will be in town to help. Former Virginia Attorney General Jerry Kilgore will headline a fundraiser dinner on Thursday, October 1, at the Inn at Wise.

The names of Republican officials who have been invited read like a who’s who and include Delegate Terry Kilgore, Senator Bill Carrico, Senator Ben Chafin, Delegate Todd Pillion, Delegate Israel O’Quinn, Delegate Will Morefield, and Delegate Jeff Campbell. Thursday’s event will be the place to be in southwestern Virginia.

See also Chuck Slemp to run for Wise Commonwealth’s Attorney.

If you’re going:

What: Dinner to support Commonwealth’s Attorney Chuck Slemp
Date: Thursday, October 1, 2015
Time: 6-7:00 Reception / 7-8:30 Dinner
Place: The Inn at Wise, Main Street, Wise, Virginia
$50 per person/Dinner
$100 per person/Reception and dinner
Sponsorships available

Chuck Slemp for Commonwealth’s Attorney
Facebook / Twitter @ChuckSlemp

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During photo shoot, Jeb asked and Alex explained Virginia petition requirements

Alex Davis w Jeb BushPhoto by Jeb Bush for President campaign photographer.

By Lynn R. Mitchell

When Jeb Bush stopped in Bristol Thursday to help raise money for Virginia Republican senatorial candidates (see Jeb brings presidential campaign to Bristol, helps Virginia senate candidates), he addressed a crowd of attendees and as soon as it concluded, a line formed with those waiting to talk with him and pose for pictures. I had my cell phone camera ready and Alex Davis, the Young Republican who is helping to coordinate Jeb signatures in the 9th Congressional District, was standing beside me. Holding his clipboard, he waited so I could take his picture with the governor.

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Talking government shutdown over Planned Parenthood: U.S. House schedule for Friday, Sept. 18, 2015

Capitol 1By Lynn R. Mitchell

Discussion on Friday in the U.S. House will highlight the issue of defunding Planned Parenthood, a balancing act for Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy and Speaker John Boehner who are working to fund government even while Republicans to their right push for a repeat of the disastrous government shutdown used two years ago. That shutdown left voters shaking their heads and government workers without paychecks. Scenic lodges, campgrounds, and restaurants along the Skyline Drive, Blue Ridge Parkway, and other tourist destinations around the country were forced to close during the critical autumn leaf season, losing huge tourism revenues, and losses were suffered by Republican candidates on the ballot just weeks later. Here is the agenda from McCarthy’s office for Friday, September 18, 2015.

On Friday, the House will meet at 9:00 a.m. for legislative business. First and last votes expected: 11:45 a.m.12:45 p.m.

One Minute Speeches

H.R. 3134 – Defund Planned Parenthood Act of 2015 (Closed Rule, One Hour of Debate) (Sponsored by Rep. Diane Black / Energy and Commerce / Committee)

H.R. 3504 – Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act (Closed Rule, One Hour of Debate) (Sponsored by Rep. Trent Franks / Judiciary Committee)

Special Order Speeches

Printable PDF

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Rove: ‘The myth of the stay-at-home Republicans’

Voter registrationBy Lynn R. Mitchell

There’s a hypothesis circulating among Republicans that Mitt Romney lost in 2012 because a large number of previously reliable conservatives who turned out in past elections stayed home. Here’s the problem: It’s not accurate.

Earlier this year Karl Rove makes the case that Republican losses are not due to Republicans who don’t show up but rather to those in the middle who choose not to vote in the GOP camp (see The myth of the stay-at-home Republicans):

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6th District supporters rally around Congressman Goodlatte at outdoor Augusta County event

By Lynn R. Mitchell

6Hearing the issues now being tackled by Congress reminded of a gathering of supporters from Augusta, Rockingham, Staunton, Waynesboro, and Harrisonburg held for Congressman Bob Goodlatte earlier this month in Weyers Cave. While there, the congressman was able to address the crowd of about 60 donors and supporters and expand on the wide array of discussions and issues that are occurring in Congress. With the animosity that is prevalent these days in politics, it was good to hear the update.

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Bobby Jindal’s entry makes 13 GOP candidates (so far) in race for president

By Lynn R. Mitchell

And then there were thirteen.

Today Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal threw his hat in the ring as a Republican candidate for the 2016 presidential race.

I’ve got to admit it was a surprise when I learned last night that Jindal planned to make his announcement today because, even though he had made noises in the past of considering a run, it was not something I had heard recently. Maybe I just wasn’t listening in the right places.

Irregardless, he’s in as the GOP field continues to grow. According to the Washington Post (see Bobby Jindal announces entry into 2016 presidential race), his planned Wednesday afternoon announcement was scooped by himself when he posted on Twitter: “I’m running for President of the United States of America. Join me: http://www.bobbyjindal.com/announcement/

Who will be next? I’m hearing New Jersey Governor Chris Christie may be planning to announce next week. Stay tuned….

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Wake up, GOP!

Libertarian Party logo 2By Lynn R. Mitchell

I am a Republican, not a Libertarian, something I’ve noted even before Libertarians began their stealth takeover of the Republican Party. Like a wolf in sheep’s clothing, they joined GOP ranks and took over leadership positions because, unable to make anything of their own Libertarian Party, they chose a hostile takeover of the GOP, harnessing tea party voters while purging long-time GOP volunteers and leaders, all part of the reason for a string of losses that have occurred in recent years.

Keep in mind that my number one issue is national security. Without it, nothing else is possible in America. The terrorist attacks of 9/11 were not some bad dream but a reality that killed more people than the surprise Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. You can kiss a strong national defense good-bye if Libertarians are in charge.

Wake up, GOP!

The Republican Security Council’s exposé on Libertarian Matt Kibbe of the Libertarian FreedomWorks group is a must-read for all Republicans. If you didn’t know what was going on before, this will open your eyes. Kibbe opposed and would not endorse the 2012 GOP candidate Mitt Romney. He and his group of Libertarians undermine Republicans instead of going after Democrats. He had a falling-out with Senator Dick Armey who worked closely beside him before realizing Kibbe was undermining the GOP.

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Jeb 2016 … he’s in!

By Lynn R. Mitchell

The long-awaited announcement was Monday afternoon when former Florida Governor Jeb Bush made it official: He’s in! He is now official a candidate for president of the United States. I live-Facebooked the 1.5-hour announcement that included entertainment, testimonials from friends and co-workers in Florida’s government, and the introduction of his mother, former First Lady Barbara Bush, as well as his wife and children.

If you are a doubter — his name, his family, he’s too moderate, he’s too conservative, he’s too fill-in-the-blank — take a few minutes and read about him in his own words (see Meet Jeb on his official website). I will be writing more about Jeb over the next months, rebutting the mistruths, half-truths, and simple misunderstandings about his stand on immigration, Common Core, and other issues.

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