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Gillespie relays story of Bush #41 respecting office of Bush #43

George W. Bush 47 with GHW BushBy Lynn R. Mitchell

Talk to any of the Bush alumni and they are full of stories about their time in service to the White House. Today on Facebook, Ed Gillespie relayed just such a story that happened during his time in the Bush #43 White House, and it had to do with Bush #41.

Ed Gillespie wrote:

With President George W. Bush’s new book about his father coming out, I want to share this memory from my time in the White House.
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It’s called respect … Obama and the Marine

By Lynn R. Mitchell

The video shows what has been dubbed the “latte salute” by President Barack Obama to United States Marines.

It seems quite a contrast with President George W. Bush and his respect for our military.


George W. Bush 45

‘Nuff said.

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