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Business as usual for Campbell County ‘Republicans’

Beck StanleyBy Beck Stanley
Guest Post

Like a reignited lynch mob, Campbell County infighters are fabricating troublesome accusations against well-established conservative Zach Martin. As a committed Republican, I don’t typically comment on matters of infighting because it’s destructive to the party, but he recent actions of Eric Zehr and Rick Boyer must serve as a clear warning to anyone associated with the current leadership of the Campbell County Republican Committee: they eat their own.

And they’re always hungry.

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Doom for Virginia Republicans

Bill Wheaton 1By Bill Wheaton
Guest Post

I recently came across an interesting Op Ed article in The Freelance-Star, Fredericksburg, VA that caught my attention for two reasons. One was the title, “Russ Moulton’s Election Spells Doom for Virginia Republicans,” and the second was the author, William J. Murray.

This article’s prediction, published on June 2, 2002, came to pass in the 2013 election when liberal Democrats swept all three statewide offices.

The article begins, “The election of Russ Moulton as chairman of the 1st District Republican Committee begins an era of exclusion politics that could destroy the Republican Party in Virginia.”

When I read “exclusion politics,” I immediately thought of the situation we have right here in Campbell County with former Supervisor Rick Boyer. Boyer is a master of “exclusion politics.” I know all too well as I have been a victim of it.

The article goes on, “During his direct and surrogate management of the Spotsylvania (County) Unit Republican Party, dozens of good conservative people, including elected Republican officials, have been purged from the rolls.”

When I read that, I thought to myself the exact thing has happened here in Campbell County. After Boyer was soundly defeated in the 2010 election for Clerk of the Court, he actively worked to purge conservatives such as myself and long time elected officials from the party rolls.

The article continues, “He (Moulton) has accused pro-life advocates as being pro-abortion and called those who have fought for lower taxes ‘liberals.’ ”

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Updated: Augusta County GOP follow-up to rumor of coup attempt

ExplosionBy Lynn R. Mitchell

Coup, or no coup for the Augusta County Republican Committee (see Rumor has it coup to take place tonight at Augusta County GOP meeting)? As of 10:00 p.m. Tuesday night, there had been a filibuster by chairman Dan Moxley that included hours of discussion about last week’s failed attempt to keep Supervisor Carolyn Bragg off the ballot for GOP nominee in the November election (see Mass meeting still on despite questionable actions by Augusta County GOP chair Moxley, former chair  Bill Shirley). No business was conducted. People were leaving in droves after three hours of what has been status quo for this committee.

News-Virginian political reporter Bob Stuart was in attendance (see Augusta County GOP faces inner turmoil).

From reports coming out of the meeting (I missed it because we were enroute from Richmond to Augusta County), here is a summary of what happened up until around 10:00 pm:

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Campbell County 3: Background on what led to appeal to be heard Saturday

Bill Wheaton 1By Bill Wheaton
Campbell County Republican Committee

TO: (5th District committee members)
FROM: Bill Wheaton, Nominations Committee Chairman


You have likely heard much about what happened here in Campbell County through emails and social media. Most of what you have been hearing is either false or greatly distorted. As Paul Harvey used to say, here is the “rest of the story.”

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Campbell County 2: Refusing to concede a loss

Bill Wheaton 1By Bill Wheaton
The New Lynchburg Ledger, May 2014

In my column last month, I wrote about how we mustered local forces to take control of the Campbell County Republican Party back from the hands of the extremists.

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Campbell County 1: What really happened at the 2014 Republican mass meeting?

Bill Wheaton 1By Bill Wheaton
The New Lynchburg Ledger, April 2014

The Republicans lost Virginia last fall because they nominated the wrong person for governor. Over the past decade, Virginia has become much more liberal politically and a Republican-like Cuccinelli never had a chance.

The nominee should have been Lt. Governor Bill Bolling who came to an agreement with Bob McDonnell four ago that McDonnell would run in 2009 and Bolling in 2013. Bolling would have been much less of a lightning rod than Cuccinelli and would have had a much better chance of winning.

So what happened?

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