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Jennifer Rubin looks at GOP candidates: ‘They’re off! (for 2016)’

By Lynn R. Mitchell

Pragmatic conservative writer Jennifer Rubin took a look Monday in the Washington Post at the Republican candidates lining up for a run at the 2016 presidential race. In her Right Turn blog post titled ‘They’re off! (for 2016),’ Rubin comments on the GOP field.

In a nod to the strength of former Florida Governor Jeb Bush’s exploration and sure entry into the contest, Rubin notes, “The race has and will continue to be a contest between Bush and the most electable not-Bush candidate.”

Here are some of Rubin’s observations from her post:

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Jennifer Rubin: WaPost’s breath of fresh air defends Israel’s Netanyahu – Updated

Benjamin Netanyahu political TV ad.

By Lynn R. Mitchell

When the Washington Post goes completely off the rails, as they have in the Benjamin Netanyahu issue, it is nice to read the rational righting-of-the-ship from “Right Turn” Post blogger Jennifer Rubin who presents a conservative perspective against a tide of liberal-think.

Amid the ongoing embarrassment of the Obama administration’s treatment of Israel in general and Netanyahu in particular for the past six years, and the unbelievable snub of not congratulating Netanyahu for his historic win on Tuesday, Rubin thumps the administration by pointing out some obvious observations (see Will Democrats follow Obema’s lead on Israel?).

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It’s not the 1990s anymore … 24/7 news cycle, the internet, and not controlling the narrative

By Lynn R. Mitchell

Jennifer Rubin’s “Right Turn” at the Washington Post nails Hillary Clinton’s uphill battle in the new media world (see Hillary Clinton can’t control her awful narrative):

There is something ironic about Hillary Clinton, whose fetish for control and secrecy is well known, going to the trouble of setting up an alternate e-mail system so that no one would find something incriminating that would set off a media firestorm. Didn’t work out so well, huh? We go on irony overload when she gives a news conference meant to “control the narrative” that explodes in her face, sending a million particles — tweets, blog posts, columns, radio spots, TV segments — cascading through the media, 99 percent of which were negative.

The internet and 24/7 news cycles today are far different than the 1990s when the Clintons were in the White House, a time when it was easier to control the narrative:

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Jeb still leads

Jeb BushBy Lynn R. Mitchell

In a Republican field without Mitt Romney, Jeb Bush still leads (see Where the 2016 contenders line up — for now by Jennifer Rubin, Washington Post). Quoting the latest Washington Post-ABC poll, she writes:

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