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2016 RPV Convention … photos #2

DSCN0969 (2)
Ed Gillespie for Governor 2017

DSCN0973 (2)
Willie Deutsch

DSCN0976 (3)
Matt Colt Hall and Martha Boneta (Paris Barns)

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2016 RPV convention photos #1 at JMU

DSCN0956 (2)
Sixth District Congressman Bob Goodlatte and wife Maryellen

DSCN0933 (2)
Former Virginia Lieutenant Governor John Hager and Trixie Averill. John has been everywhere and done everything for the Republican Party of Virginia so when he was not chosen as a delegate to the national convention, it was disappointing that his long years of supporting the party was not recognized. Trixie was former 6th Congressional District Chairman, former RPV Western Vice Chairwoman, Virginia Director of Americans for Prosperity, and a staffer for numerous campaigns including George Allen, Jim Gilmore, Bob McDonnell, and Bill Bolling.

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2016 RPV Convention: Friday wrap-up

DSCN0935 (2)Trixie Averill, Lt. Governor John Hager, Mike Thomas

Three of my favorite Republicans — years of working for the Republican Party of Virginia.

DSCN0912 (2)
The arena was actually quite nice if you could get over that it doesn’t have internet. Seats rising from the floor had a more gentle rise than some venues we have been in with steep stairs to climb to the top. Media tables were set up on both sides of the floor and, when I arrived at 11:30am, I had my choice of any seat there so picked the area right in front of Augusta County’s delegate seats.

We arrived early and immediately ran into Julie Coggsdale hanging at the registration area — which was nicely set up with no wait – along with Frank Loehr and Jeb Wilkinson — great Republicans, all. When I made my way to the convention floor, there sat Garren Shipley — yay, Garren — on his laptop so a quick chat with him before setting up. As more people arrived, more familiar faces were seen, and I was in the perfect spot.

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