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Russ Moulton: ‘Why I can’t endorse John Whitbeck’

Republican elephantBy Lynn R. Mitchell

An email written by anti-establishment Conservative Fellowship leader Russ Moulton (who holds no position within the Republican Party) has been making the rounds in Virginia the past month, a stunning rebuke of his former support of John Whitbeck who announced last summer that he would be running for reelection as chairman of the Republican Party of Virginia.

Moulton’s original email was picked up and forwarded by Susan Stimpson who agreed with him and forwarded it to others with her own thoughts:

Dear fellow Conservative,
I wanted to make sure you saw this email I received from long-time conservative leader Russ Moulton.

The actions of the current Virginia Republican Party Chairman should concern every Republican across the state. This is about a pattern of behavior. Like most politicians — John Whitbeck said one thing when he ran for party chairman and then once elected, abandoned his promises to us.

Quite simply, Virginia Republicans can’t trust John Whitbeck any more.

After reading the email below, ask yourself if this is the leadership Republicans should depend on to deliver a Republican victory in Virginia in 2016.

Susan Stimpson

For those who missed it the first go round, here is the email from Russ Moulton that was originally sent out on November 14, 2015, with the subject line, “Why I can’t endorse John Whitbeck for re-election.”

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New citizen applauds RPV Republican primary decision

Photo 7 Cortez

Naturalization ceremony held at Mt. Vernon on July 4, 2015.

By Daniel P. Cortez

Jessica Hatchley of Fredricksburg proudly became a citizen last week during 4th of July ceremonies at Mt. Vernon. And as one the nation’s newest voters she can’t wait to vote for the next president during the Virginia primary scheduled for next March.

That was the contentious issue recently in Staunton, where the tea party wing of Virginia’s Republican Party attempted to force a convention and discriminate against their family.  That’s what it would have been.

Originally from Kaiserslautern, Germany, she met her Marine husband Robert, now stationed at Quantico, online.  They married and have a 13-month-old son, Robert Hatchley III.  They consider themselves independent voters.

As nonparty members they would have been excluded from voting for their candidate for president at a republican convention.  Not because he is in the military, but because only party members would be allowed to vote.  As a fellow independent voter who may lean conservative, I call that intense discrimination promoting exclusion.

Fortunately, a primary was recently chosen by 42-39 vote in Staunton by republican members of the state central committee.  Eric Herr, chairman of the First Congressional District Committee, and Steve Albertson, chairman of Stafford’s Republican Committee, both spoke in support of a convention.

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Updating BD’s Big Line prediction for Sen-24

By Lynn R. Mitchell

Bearing Drift 5

Bearing Drift’s “Big Line” predictions have not been updated since March 5, 2015, so I’m going to update Senate District 24. Interestingly, their editorial board got it wrong.

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RPV in Crisis: Deep financial woes under Moulton’s ‘Conservative Fellowship’

Republican elephantBy Lynn R. Mitchell

Russ Moulton’s Conservative Fellowship clique is encountering serious financial difficulties since taking over the majority of leadership of the Republican Party of Virginia. Their purging of longtime volunteers, grassroots leaders, and alienating big-time donors has resulted in dried-up donations, leaving RPV with little more than $200 in the treasury. The new chairman John Whitbeck has dismissed so many employees at RPV’s Richmond headquarters that there are only three left (see Crisis at RPV: Whitbeck puts staff on chopping block).

The Washington Post has reported about an email that was sent by Moulton to his “Conservative Fellowship auxiliary” that began with an urgent request for money but also an outline of upcoming plans for 2016 (see Deep feud splitting Virginia’s GOP evident in fundraising foes). The Post wrote: Continue reading


Doom for Virginia Republicans

Bill Wheaton 1By Bill Wheaton
Guest Post

I recently came across an interesting Op Ed article in The Freelance-Star, Fredericksburg, VA that caught my attention for two reasons. One was the title, “Russ Moulton’s Election Spells Doom for Virginia Republicans,” and the second was the author, William J. Murray.

This article’s prediction, published on June 2, 2002, came to pass in the 2013 election when liberal Democrats swept all three statewide offices.

The article begins, “The election of Russ Moulton as chairman of the 1st District Republican Committee begins an era of exclusion politics that could destroy the Republican Party in Virginia.”

When I read “exclusion politics,” I immediately thought of the situation we have right here in Campbell County with former Supervisor Rick Boyer. Boyer is a master of “exclusion politics.” I know all too well as I have been a victim of it.

The article goes on, “During his direct and surrogate management of the Spotsylvania (County) Unit Republican Party, dozens of good conservative people, including elected Republican officials, have been purged from the rolls.”

When I read that, I thought to myself the exact thing has happened here in Campbell County. After Boyer was soundly defeated in the 2010 election for Clerk of the Court, he actively worked to purge conservatives such as myself and long time elected officials from the party rolls.

The article continues, “He (Moulton) has accused pro-life advocates as being pro-abortion and called those who have fought for lower taxes ‘liberals.’ ”

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FitzSimmonds is no-show at SCC meeting … Moulton carries proxy

By Lynn R. Mitchell

Embattled treasurer of the Republican Party of Virginia, Bob FitzSimmonds, was a no-show at today’s State Central Committee meeting in Richmond. In his place was Russ Moulton carrying FitzSimmonds’ proxy. FitzSimmonds has been called upon to resign his position in GOP leadership after making the latest of a series of politically insensitive blunders on Facebook and though he professed to have “resigned” after coming under fire, today’s no-show and declaration to “resign” when a successor is found put it in question (see Brian Schoeneman’s FitzSimmonds’ “resignation” is a farce).

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