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The 25 Republicans who voted against Boehner

By Lynn R. Mitchell

John Boehner (R-OH) was re-elected Tuesday as Speaker of the U.S. House of Reprsentatives. Many were glued to C-SPAN for the voice vote, waiting to see who would defect and who would support the Speaker. In the end, 25 Republicans voted for a wide variety of names that were not Boehner. Two of them were from Virginia:  Scott Rigell and Dave Brat.

The 25 are listed here in alphabetical order:

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Virginia delegation’s votes on $1.1 trillion bill

By Lynn R. Mitchell

The Virginia Congressional delegation’s votes on the $1.1 trillion spending bill:

In Favor (Yes): U.S. Reps. Scott Rigell (R-2nd), Randy Forbes (R-4th), Bob Goodlatte (R-6th), Frank Wolf (R-10th), Jim Moran (D-8th), Gerry Connolly (D-11th) and U.S. Senators Mark Warner (D) and Tim Kaine (D).

Opposed (No): U.S. Reps. Rob Wittman (R-1st), Bobby Scott (D-3rd), Robert Hurt (R-5th), Dave Brat (R-7th), and Morgan Griffith (R-9th).

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RPV: Will Mullins, SCC spark more fireworks at today’s meeting in Richmond?

By Lynn R. Mitchell

Some big names came out Friday asking RPV Chairman Pat Mullins and state central committee to set aside the bitter appeals battles that have raged for most of 2014 and, instead, concentrate on electing Republican candidates for the November elections (see Schoeneman is right: ‘SCC shouldn’t let misguided priorities cost us much needed wins).

Among them were three congressmen who stepped forward in unity and a show of leadership: Rep. Robert Hurt (R-5th), Rep. Morgan Griffith (R-9th), and Rep. Scott Rigell (R-2nd) (see Congressmen Rigell, Hurt, Griffith ask SCC to defer appeals until after November elections). Where are the other congressmen to call for an end to this eternal squabbling that has consumed our party for the past five to six years?

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Congressmen Rigell, Hurt, Griffith ask SCC to defer appeals actions until after November elections

By Lynn R. Mitchell

Congressman Scott Rigell (R-2nd CD), Robert Hurt (R-5th CD), and Morgan Griffith (R-9th CD) are the latest to join in the chorus of Republicans throughout the Commonwealth asking that RPV’s State Central Committee postpone the ongoing appeals scheduled to be heard at Saturday’s meeting in Richmond and, instead, move forward in the business of campaigning and electing our candidates in the November election.

Many are appreciative that these three congressmen have shown strong leadership as they recognize the urgent need to work together in a proactive way and set aside the appeals hearings until the December SCC meeting. The number of appeals to be taken up Saturday will have members listening for hours — probably their entire Saturday will be taken up with the process, precious time that could be spent in the field for U.S. Senate and U.S. Congressional candidates.

To see a copy of the congressional letter sent to Pat Mullins and SCC, click here.



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