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Jeb continues to lead GOP in CNN/ORC 2016 presidential poll

Jeb BushBy Lynn R. Mitchell

CNN reported in their latest 2016 presidential poll that former Florida Governor Jeb Bush continues to lead in the ever-expanding field of Republican candidates:

Bush stands at 19%, up from 13% in May — and his best showing in CNN/ORC polling since December. Trump follows at 12%, up from 3% before his announcement. Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee (8%), neurosurgeon Ben Carson (7%) and Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul (7%) round out the top five.

Notably absent from this top five — though statistically speaking not far behind — are Florida Sen. Marco Rubio (6%, down from 14% in May) and Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (6%, down slightly from 10%). Both had been top five candidates in each of the last two CNN/ORC polls, and Walker had been in the top five since February.

The poll, conducted just before New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie formally launched his campaign with a rally in Livingston, New Jersey, on Tuesday, also finds that Christie begins his push for the presidency with just 3% support.

The findings suggest Bush is making progress toward being seen as the frontrunner in a field that has long lacked a clear leader. He holds a significant lead over the second-place candidate Trump, is seen as the candidate who could best handle illegal immigration and social issues, and runs about even with Trump and well ahead of the other candidates when Republicans are asked which candidate can best handle the economy.

Trump continues to face fallout due to his negative immigration comments about the Mexican-American/Hispanic community while announcing his candidacy for president. Macy’s, NBC, Univision, and others are severing ties with the real estate mogul and billionaire businessman.

Hillary continues to lead the Democratic field.

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CNN Poll: Jeb leaps in front as candidate with ‘right experience to be president’

Jeb BushBy Lynn R. Mitchell

Jeb Bush is at the top of the latest CNN 2016 presidential poll — and brace yourselves because there will be a gazillion more between now and November 2016 — but a couple of things jumped out.

Here are the candidate rankings that have Jeb at the top with Walker five points behind:

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Jennifer Rubin looks at GOP candidates: ‘They’re off! (for 2016)’

By Lynn R. Mitchell

Pragmatic conservative writer Jennifer Rubin took a look Monday in the Washington Post at the Republican candidates lining up for a run at the 2016 presidential race. In her Right Turn blog post titled ‘They’re off! (for 2016),’ Rubin comments on the GOP field.

In a nod to the strength of former Florida Governor Jeb Bush’s exploration and sure entry into the contest, Rubin notes, “The race has and will continue to be a contest between Bush and the most electable not-Bush candidate.”

Here are some of Rubin’s observations from her post:

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How accurate is Iowa caucus with GOP presidential nominees? Not very

Iowa caucus logoBy Lynn R. Mitchell

It’s a question I’ve asked for years: Why does Iowa play such an important role in the presidential process?

As a Virginia resident, I’m jealous. What do we have to do to have presidential candidates frequent our BBQ joints and ice cream parlors? To show up at local events and livestock sales, and talk with residents and community leaders while chowing down on flapjacks and hamburgers?

I want some of that attention. And how did the Iowa caucuses get that kind of attention?

I realize they are the first when presidential primaries begin. But do they really carry that much weight?

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Mike Rowe defends Scott Walker with a Ticonderoga pencil

Ticonderoga pencilBy Lynn R. Mitchell

Last week on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” Former DNC Chairman Howard Dean drew attention to Republican Governor Scott Walker’s lack of a college degree (see Howard Dean: How well-educated is Walker?) and called Walker “unknowledgeable.” It has resulted in much discussion, pro and con, concerning college degrees.

One of the best responses I saw was by Mike Rowe earlier this week while reading his Facebook page. You know — the “Dirty Jobs” guy from the Discovery Channel who isn’t afraid to tackle anything and believes in my mom’s saying that opportunity often comes disguised as hard work.

Mike Rowe was asked by a reader named Kyle, “What would your response be on college as a requirement for elected office?” Rowe’s response is long but is definitely worth the time to read it. He wrote:

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Jeb: Big advantage in minority outreach

Jeb Bush 4By Lynn R. Mitchell

In Tuesday’s Washington Post, “Right Turn” columnist Jennifer Rubin noted that Jeb Bush has a big advantage in minority outreach that is somewhat lacking in other possible 2016 GOP candidates (see Minority outreach that works). She wrote:

The most interesting part of the Mason-Dixon Florida Poll may not be that 59 percent of Republicans there want Jeb Bush to run for president. He was, after all, a successful governor there. Rather, two other figures pop out: A large share of the Hispanic vote in both parties (44 percent) and of independents (50 percent) want him to run. It is a telling reminder that saying you want to reach out, after deciding you want to be president, is a far different thing than having an established appeal with non-traditional GOP voters. Bush got 61 percent of the Hispanic vote in his first gubernatorial election and 56 percent in his re-election.

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Republicans most likely to be 2016 GOP nominee

President 2016By Lynn R. Mitchell

The Hill has their list of 13 Republicans most likely to be nominees for the Republican presidential nomination for 2016 (see 13 Republicans most likely to win WH). I don’t agree with some of their choices but it makes for interesting speculation.

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